Committers Call 2011-08-08


Bess Sadler
Eddie Shin
Justin Coyne
Jessie Keck
Mike Stroming
John Scofield
Rick Johnson
Naomi Dushay


ActiveFedora Roadmap

We discussed Justin's message about a proposed roadmap for ActiveFedora (

ActiveFedora would start using active-model, which will mean that going forward we'll be incompatible with rails2. Rails2 support would become relatively dormant. No one had any objections, but we decided we should all give our +1 support on the mailing list. Justin & Matt hope that this work will make using AF more intuitive. Justin suggests that we just want to get a rails 3 version out there. It will improve functionality and stability, and we could make improvements from there. E.g., Bess would like better support for command line scripting. Chris Beer has better Fedora API wrappers in his OpenVault code, and Matt suggests we should pull in his code to replace our legacy RubyFedora code (used to be its own gem, now incorporated into AF). Rick and Eddie both seconded the need for more command line tools around Fedora. 

Suggestion: Let's start sending use case suggestions to the Hydra-tech mailing list. 

Naomi also suggests that some difficulties might stem from needing better documentation. 

Bess said she would write a note to the mailing list describing how she'd like to be able to interact with AF on the command line. 

Jira Review

Jira Review:

Eddie added a "reviewer" column to our project, so a ticket can have an assignee and a reviewer. However, we need to take a look at jira and figure out why the reviewer column isn't showing up in our default view. This makes it not obvious to people that they have something to review unless they specifically go look at it.