Committers Call 2011-06-13


Julie Meloni
Rick Johnson
Bess Sadler
Matt Zumwalt (moderator)
Eddie Shin (note-taker)
Molly Pickral
Mike Stroming
Bill Parod
John Scofield
Jessie Keck
Simon Lamb
Richard Garbutt


Full Text Extraction
Destroyable_objects bug
Discuss: child_objects vs. file_objects
APO implementation at Hull
Modeling EAD in Fedora
OR11 update

Full Text Extraction

  • (deprecated?)
  • Link to Erik Hatcher's presentation (Bess?)
  • Issue: merging the PDF-extracted Solr doc & Hydra-model generated Solr doc
  • Bill: question regarding stop-words
  • MediaShelf will report back on its implementation next week

Destroyable_objects bug

Discuss: child_objects vs. file_assets

  • John proposed a child objects method as a more generic approach
  • Rick (ND) & Bill (NWU) interested in fleshing out this approach.
  • ACTION: Discuss further on hydra-tech list

APO implementation at Hull

  • Distinguishing the management/administrative sets from display/intellectual arrangement sets
  • Desire to establish a common vocab for discussing the issue and if possible, a common, baseline implementation that specific impls can extend or specialize.
  • ACTION: schedule call with interested parties on hydra-tech

Modeling EAD in Fedora

OR11 update

Bill Parod will be notetaker next week