SoaF call 2015-11-30

Connection Info:
4pm Eastern
Google Hangout: 


Will Cowan
Rob Sanderson
Julie Hardesty (facilitator, notetaker)



  • Review  SoaF Use Cases
    • Considering Image use case
      • SVG selector (Section 4.2.5 of OA Selectors) - this is for selecting non-rectangular areas; fragment selector (Section 4.2.1) uses Media Fragments
        • 4.2.5 is for sending points that are not rectangular (less or more than 4 points)
      • 4.2.1 Fragment Selector means URI fragment (so what comes after hash in URI)
      • Images use case
        • dimension type for numbers - SVG doc could have viewport that is 5x3” which is diff from 500x300px (maybe that is what is defined by viewBox) - Appendix P: Media Type Registration for image/svg+xml links to Fragment Identifiers
        • differentiate between vector-based vs non-vector-based image use cases - Julie will edit use cases
        • Rob can talk to GeoBlacklight folks at Stanford to see how they are calling up vector-based images in Hydra (fingers crossed they are already using what OA recommends)
  • Review  Referring to segments of a file - Recommendation
    • Format seems good
    • Clarified spatial time-based media use case and recommendation
    • Julie will continue editing and email group later this week
    • timeline - finish draft recommendation by Dec. 14 so it can be sent for review as draft to hydra and islandora lists
    • gather feedback and make edits end of December through first half of January
    • finalize mid-January as recommendation for Hydra applications