16 April 2015

Time:  1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific. 

Call-In Info: Dial 1-530-881-1400, room 651025#

Moderator: Jack Reed (Stanford)

Notetaker: Bess Sadler (Stanford)



  1. Roll Call

  2. Call for Agenda Items

  3. Next Call

    1. Date: Thu 21 May 2015
    2. Moderator:  Eliot Jordan
    3. Notetaker:  Former user (Deleted)
  4. Review communication channels (hydra-community/hydra-tech mailing lists)
    1. IRC Channels
      1. General recommendation is to use the main hydra channel until traffic increases to point where a new channel is needed
      2. Server: chat.freenode.net
        Channel: #projecthydra

  5. Review notes from last meeting
  6. Announcements
    1. Hydra Connect 2015Minneapolis, Sep 21-24

      1. GeoBlacklight workshop
      2. authoring geo metadata
      3. inviting systems administrators to attend
  7. Report from Shared GIS Data Model WG (Eliot Jordan)
    1. Getting started... Eliot sent around a doodle poll, looks like Tuesday May 19 at 1pm Eastern will be the first call. 
    2. First order of business will be to come up with a charter for the working group. Eliot will send around a google doc for the charter.
    3. At LDCX we did some work on modeling GIS in the Portland Common Data Model (PCDM). The models we created are here:  PCDM Mappings - Reference Diagrams for Comment
    4. Princeton is starting a sprint to implement PCDM in Sufia, so that will also inform this GIS work. 
    5. There's a PCDM tech call tomorrow morning. Darren is going to participate to represent GIS. 
  8. Report on XSLTs to transfer between metadata formats (Kim Durante)
    1. Kim has added a few transformations and mappings to the resources section on the Samvera Geospatial Interest Group page
    2. The GeoCombine gem is testing the transformations on different metadata. 
  9. Updates from institutions on progress toward a geospatial Hydra implementation
    1. Eliot Jordan: Princeton is starting a 3 month sprint to spin up a couple of initial hydra heads. GIS data not in the first set of work, but they should be well on their way by the end of the summer.
    2. earthworks.stanford.edu is in production! There are blog posts on the geoblacklight.org website about our implementation. 
    3. Emory: Still in early stages, adopting Hydra as a library, has decided to pursue GeoBlacklight instead of OGP. Right now working on getting data in and out of GeoServer.
      1. These notes might be of interest: http://wiki.code4lib.org/2015_Preconference_Proposals#Delivering_and_Preserving_GIS_Data
    4. U Alberta: Focusing on institutional repository right now, GIS data will be 4 - 5 months from now
  10. Questions of common interest for the group
    1. Building a gazetteer? At Stanford we use GeoNames, and we've started a cross walk bw GeoNames and LCSH. 
  11. Poll on common interests for other WGs
    1. Do we want a gazetteer WG to use for enhancing metadata? Sounds like there's interest in this. A place to trade notes? 
    2. Extending javascript mapping libraries to meet individual institutional needs? Maybe not yet a WG, just something that James Griffin and Jack Reed are going to look at together. Jay also interested.