Committers Call 2011-12-12


  • #Julie (UVa) - moderator
  • Justin Coyne (MediaShelf) - notetaker
  • #Ariel Mermaid (Oceanic Institute)
  • Dan Brubaker-Horst (Notre Dame)
  • Matt Zumwalt (MediaShelf)
  • Mike Stroming (Northwestern)
  • Jesse
  • Molly 
  • Chris Colvard (Indiana)
  • Naomi Dushay

Agenda and Notes

  1. Call for agenda items
  2. Next call: 12/19? (moderator: Matt, notetaker: Justin, jira-wrangler: )
    1. Stanford is off next week.
    2. January 9th will be next call
  3. Should OM be moved to projecthydra on github?
    1. ProjectHydra can't formally ratify om as part of its code.  Partners have OM listed as a hydra component.  MediaShelf should sign over a contributor license agreement. Legal structures aren't ready yet.  Same as ActiveFedora.
  4. ActiveFedora
    1. Dependency issue with active_support. 
    2. Work in progress on 4.x branch.
    3. Blocking HydraHead upgrade to 3.1
    4. Ben's patch for service disseminator.
    5. Rick is release manager for 2012 Q1
  5. HydraHead Release 3.2 plans? 
    1. 3.2  Could be released with ActiveFedora 4.0.   January release?
    2. 4.0
      1. Move assets_controller to hydra_assets with assets pipeline
      2. Document how to turn off assets pipeline and route /assets to the hydra_assets_controller
      3. Update blacklight to 3.2
    3. Jesse is release manager for 2012 Q1
  6. Other gem release plans? 
  7. Action Items from Partner's Meeting
    1. No action items 
    2. Discussed release process
      1. Incompatible version release needs to be considered by partners
      2. patch releases can be released weekly
    3. Looking to set up a Skype call to discuss Image components.
    4. New release managers.
      1. Responsibilities:
  8. where which documentation belongs  -- Will be discussed on list.
    1. what belongs in the git repository itself? (code + ... what? readme.textile and history.textile?)
    2. what belongs in github wiki?  
    3. what belongs in duraspace wiki?
    4. what belongs in Hudson? (Naomi feels rdoc should be generated on github (pref) or duraspace (2nd choice) if possible)
    5. are we comfortable with which docs belong to which projects? (HydraHead, OM, Solrizer, ActiveFedora, JettyWrapper ...)
  9. logging IRC 
    1. We'd like to put this on, see item below.
    2. Decided that we just need simple logging.
    3. Jesse and Michael will set up the bot once we have a domain.
  10. Richard needs to get control of the from Julie before she leaves UVa
  11. Jira Weekly Round up from Sprint for Dec 12 (today):
  12. JIRA grooming