Charter development meeting - URI Management WG

April 12, 2016



  • support for RDF vocab gems in Ruby
    • to add new predicates, it should also be added to rdf-vocab gems
    • separate ontologies would probably be listed separately
    • hydra-focused vocab for system level stuff
    • GEORss would be separate, for example
    • Oregon State has already added single field from Georss - added bounding box to opaquenamespace
    • Fedora group with PCDM, ontology files are on Github and there are static web pages - lower tech but still gives the resolving and fetching that’s needed
    • Opaquenamespace involves Marmotta (more involved system)
  • survey to see what ontologies are being used by Hydra projects, implementations of Hydra Heads
    • also questions about things like dc:extent - how people are using predicates vs how ontology states it should be used
    • CIDOC/CRM compliance at Lafayette College
      • try to dissuade people from rolling their own ontologies
      • what would you use if you could - what doesn’t exist and should?
      • what roadblocks have you hit?
      • these more specific questions could be useful for this WG, larger questions about what people are using could be more for IG to survey community about what ontologies they are using and how they are using them
  • opaquenamespace publishing properties that might be overtaken by official ontology or better-supported ontology - can use isReplacedBy if a better more official ontology is published (VRA for example)
  • DCE project used some opaquenamespace predicates that aren’t even published live yet
  • IMLS grant - western name authority file from Utah State (might be more like consortial opaquenamespace)
  • versioning for vocab managers
    • are there releases of ontologies?
    • URI can have date but opaquenamespace doesn’t have that right now and probably won’t for a while
    • individual terms are updated but not enough for a whole release
    • working group could consider this question
  • fedora commons using memento for versioning - can be used with linked data RDF
  • opaquenamespace looking at putting git underneath vocab manager to help with version history
  • can we add our names now if we want to participate in this working group?
  • do we need to name a facilitator before the CFP goes out or can that be established after CFP?