URI Management Call 2016-09-06

Connection Info:

3-4pm Eastern
+1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025  

Notetaker: Juliet Hardesty (Indiana University)





  • Will need to send email to group for feedback on following questions - Julie
  • Functional Requirements doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G2LHArFRW-WdttH_YhNmAjf-Oe9EPZWSZQVap7lenQ8/edit?usp=sharing
    • Recipe review
      • Q - does simple slash recipe (#2) work for predicates or does it need to be more complex?
    • Mock up example predicate in RDF to show expected output from system (use one of the predicates listed in use case)
      • add this as part of functional requirements doc
    • Q - can we post what we have for feedback during HydraConnect after Sep. 20 meeting?
  • Predicate Decision Tree - Post for community feedback?
    • Q - Can we post for feedback now (open doc for comments only)?
    • need to provide explanation re: status of doc (step #8 to request new predicate incomplete; list of common ontologies not exhaustive on purpose)
  • Plan for work completed by Hydra Connect
    • We can report through HMIG plenary session report on Tuesday, we can sign up for lightning talk during parallel sessions on Wednesday, we can provide more in-depth report at HMIG meeting on Thursday
    • Q - Does it work to just report through HMIG plenary session report and Thursday HMIG meeting?
    • point out connection between HMIG working group work (implementing MODS and RDF WG recommendations involves creating new identifiers using Hydra Vocab Manager which is based on URI Management WG's recommendations)
  • next meeting Tuesday, Sep. 20, 3pm Eastern