URI Management Call 2016-07-26

Connection Info:

3-4pm Eastern
+1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025  

Notetaker: Juliet Hardesty





  • Status of Predicate Decision Tree doc (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oMvVlGuBwD5U1251oxNmTZn7WgkNTj6tF-k1hOYjnac/edit?usp=sharing)
    • Workflow/status of object - no namespace exists that we know of so predicate will need to be generated, removing from decision tree
    • PREMIS - Fedora already uses PREMIS to track events
      • Might be some difficulties using PROV-O and PREMIS but unsure of complications
      • Controlled Vocab Manager behind opaquenamespace - stores as something else and then produces PROV-O triples
    • List PREMIS and PROV-O for preservation
    • Controlled vocab decision tree would be similar steps but with different ontologies; priority to get out predicate decision tree
    • Added recommendation to check domain
  • Survey results analysis - 18 responses
    • Responses only from Hydra and Other repository software users (no Islandora responses)
    • Don’t have to support versions (only 1 response used previous version of an ontology)
    • Still not sure about controlled vocab/values support (4 responses looking for objects/controlled vocabs/values and couldn't find them)
    • Most literals are strings but also majority responses storing date/time, numeric, and strings with language code
    • Everyone reports storing literals but only some are also storing URIs (no one is only storing URIs)
  • Functional requirements for Hydra Vocab Manager - next steps
    • XML schema that needs to be RDF: GeoRSS as RDF
      • Predicates from this, but not sure about controlled vocab
      • Might need bounding box as object but could be a domain (currently type attribute in XML)
      • Could mean need to support classes
    • PBCore descriptive metadata maps pretty well to EBUCore - still working on structural but experimenting mapping to PCDM now (directly in Fedora 4)
    • Start google doc for functional requirements
      • Section for use cases
      • Section for requirements to meet those use cases
      • Section to define phases of development
  • Hydra Connect - what does this WG need?
    • Ask about lightning talk to report out
    • No need for meeting time