URI Management Call 2016-05-18

Connection Info:

2pm Eastern
Google Hangout: https://hangouts.google.com/call/5f35oboylzhdhmyelwd44lckzee


Don Brower



  • Introductions
  • Understand scope and objectives
  • Understand deliverables and timeframe 
  • Decide on regular meeting time and facilitator


  • Introductions
  • Scope and Objectives
  • Deliverables and Time Frames
    • Hopefully done by Hydra connect 2016 (early October)
    • Survey community on what is out there and the problems people have.
      • Most of the Metadata IG help requests focus on sufia or curation concern issues.
      • Are others implementing hydra heads encountering these problems? Especially for local vocabularies.
      • Get a list of local vocaublaries and the issues encountered while migrating to RDF
      • Rest of our work should not wait on the surveys being completed.
    • Create a decision tree on what to do when a new predicate seems to be needed.
      • Include sources to check for an existing predicate
      • Steps to create a new community predicate
      • for new terms and vocabularies, decision between hosting them on a hydra vocab manager or somewhere else
      • Maybe recommend vocabularies for specific use cases? e.g. geonames for geographic places.
      • Does such a decision tree already exist somewhere?
      • There is something similar at Oregon Digital: https://github.com/OregonDigital/opaque_ns/wiki/Identifying-Candidate-Terms
      • http://lov.okfn.org/dataset/lov/
      • Perhaps point out some common ontologies and advise people to contact the metadata IG if nothing matches
      • Note how the original communities are using the predicates we find. Are we using predicates the same way as the rest of the world?
    • Create functional requirements for a hydra vocab manager
      • What are the minimum requirements to get a functional vocab manager. What does that mean? Does it include local vocabularies?
      • Produce a list of requirements and define phases of development. Karen E. wants to get a group together to implement something from these requirements.
      • There is not a clear idea on how much functionality is needed. How would be figure out an acceptable baseline? What approach should we use?
      • Is it possible to repurporse any of the documentation produced during the development of the controlled vocab manager at oregon digital? Or is that too exclusionary? Many people seem to be using this vocab manager. Are the original use cases still relevant?
      • possible requirements:
        • Need to log in and create/edit terms along with label, description, sameAs, deprecate
        • A way to track changes? (git backend?)
        • Content-negotiation
        • Review queue
        • Versioning. (What exactly does "versioning" mean? Just a way to track changes? or way to distinguish old terms from new terms at the URL level? maybe even memento? http://mementoweb.org/guide/rfc/ )
        • RDF editor? how do we manage who can make changes? Is there a request/approval process? a PR in github?
      • Would the hydra community would run single instance for everyone? Who would host this? Would each institution run a vocab manager? Or host at github static pages? (less intensive than a rails app + triple store).
  • Regular meeting time
    • About every 2 weeks, will  doodle poll for next date.
    • Meeting notes will be posted on wiki and then shared on both the Hydra-Tech & Hydra-Community mailing lists
    • Communication will take place on Hydra-Tech. And on slack in the #metadata channel.
  • For Next Time