Committers Call 2011-04-25


Eddie Shin (moderator)
John Scofield (notetaker)
Joe Gilbert
Julie Meloni
Bess Sadler
Matt Zumwalt
Dan Brubaker-Horst


Syncing code between projects.

Hudson Followup


Code Syncing

2 projects at Stanford - Hydrus/Hypatia are forks of Hydrangea.  Found issues with managing merging upstream/downstream, and no well-defined processes for upkeep of hydrangea.


  • Get hydrus to a stable point.
  • Make Hypatia a fork of Hydrus.


For shared codebase, would like to split up monolithic codebase into separate plugins/git repos.

  • hydra_repository => hydra_head
  • hydrangea_article
  • hydrangea_dataset
  • etc.

This will set us up to be ready for Rails 3 and will make ownership, maintenance much more supportable.  A reference application will be maintained similar to the way Blacklight handles.

Interim Plans:

In the interim, we can point people to various implementations for reference - especially libra.  Suggestion to leave hydrangea up with an end-of-life statement on it was met with unanimous approval.

Primary Goals (in order):

  • Meet current grant funding obligations (Hypatia)
  • Work for future usability/maintainablity of code for current users (UVa?)
  • Get copy working for new participants 

Potential partner responsibilities:

Stanford => gets plugins separated out/gemified, handoff to UVa
UVa => adds improvements, javascript, etc.

Tests/Rails 3 Upgrade Path:

Need to carefully review rspec tests and ensure proper mocks, etc.


Get an on-ramp up and running by OR11 for new adopters.

Hudson Followup

New testing gem available on github: JettyWrapper

Some issues are still causing problems... One big one: rake tasks for loading a huge amount of fixtures. 

Also fixtures vs factories? Fixtures for now.

Action Items:

Bess will email Tom Cramer about EOL statement on Hydrangea.

Matt will begin plugin separation.

Bess will factor out the fixtures handling into it's own plugin.

Next week:

  • Moderator:  Matt Zumwalt
  • Notetaker:  Julie Meloni