Committers Call 2012-01-23


  • Justin Coyne - moderator
  • Adam Wead - notetaker
  • Sebastian Crab (Bubbles College)
  • Simon Lamb (University of Hull)
  • Molly Pickrall
  • Matt Z
  • Mike Giarlo (Penn St)
  • Dan Horst (ND)
  • Rick (ND)
  • Justin Coyne (MS)
  • Jessie Keck (Stanford)
  • Mike Klein (Stanford)
  • Naomi
  • Chris Beer (WBGH)
  • Chris Colvard (IU)

Agenda and Notes

  1. Call for agenda items
  2. Next call:
    • moderator: Justin
    • notetaker: Mike Klein
  3. Logging IRC ... where are we? (Michael Klein)
    • Functionality is ready to run...just need a server to run it on. Hudson server, running under Amazon, seems to be the best choice. Bess should be able to provide access. server, running wordpress, would not work. Mike should get the credentials to login and setup logging.
    1. where should logs live in web space?
    2. can they be searchable? (search box on a page? part of google search box?)
  4. README files for hydra-head (Jessie Keck)
    • lots of duplicate information in the READMEs with slightly different content
    • making updates is difficult
    • Matt:
      • moved current content to github wiki, but further discussions about where it should go stalled the process before making it official
      • github pages should be the up-to-date location
    • cbeer:
      • multiple versions of the home page can be difficult viz. multiple releases
      • import github docs in the branch and freeze it so it stays with the branch
      • alternatively, flag documentation with a version like solr does
    • Matt:
      • github is a move in the right direction
      • since tagging is problematic, could you pull in the docs from the wiki as part of the release process?
    • Molly:
      • multiple problems that we can't tackle all at once right now: tagging, updating, etc.
    • Matt:
      • wiki information often comes from non-commiters
    • Consensus
      • READMEs should link to the github pages and the rest of the README content should be deleted
      • Content will be updated on github, with an understanding that we will need to revisit the problem of versioning, tagging, updating, etc
      • Jessie will take the lead on moving everything
  5. Code Coverage (Jessie Keck)
    • Issues with rcov such as tests not running
    • cbeer has had some problems with this and blacklight and has offered to help out Jessie
  6. JIRA:
    1. "newly added" version / "received" status / fedora workflow - Naomi
      • New tickets getting lost so default to the next version but could be problematic in JIRA because of workflow changes
      • Matt: so long as any workflow changes don't impact other prjects
      • Hydra-head should have it's own workflow; start by cloning current workflow and making changes
    2. Unassigned Version tickets no more – let's assign versions to 5 of them this call:
      • We did 10!
    3. fedora workflow - Naomi
      • discussed above
    4. Hot Plate tickets winnowed and componentized
      • Need to add components to these issues:
  7. Jira Weekly Round up from Sprint for Jan 23 (today):
    • AF fix for metadata deletion issue, should be patched in AF 3.2
    • Naomi: we need a projecthydra component for collaborative infrastructure or other issues that don't fall into a specific existing component
    • revisit next week to discuss documentation tracking and husdon management

For next week:

  1. Components for docs and infrastructure
  2. service_definitions.rb - Support for models that support multiple contentModel declarations?  (Simon Lamb)