October 12, 2012


Tom Cramer, Stu Baker, Steve DiDomenico, Robin Ruggaber, Rick Johnson, Chris Awre, Mark Notess


  1. Hydra Camp update
  2. December meeting topics & logistics
  3. DIL Update
  4. Hydra Webinar #2

Hydra Camp Update 

  • in progress so we will need to catch up later

NW Update on DIL Steve and Stu

  • Status: Going well; really close to being ready for wider access; faculty testing now
  • Outstanding question - should DIL focus on faculty collection building only or more generally used for collection display as well?

Next Hydra Webinar - Rick Johnson

  • Seven Screencast compiled for Oct 16
  • Ready to go
  • Libra, Hull, ScholarSphere, DIL, Seaside, Argo, RockHall
  • Rick will introduce each screencast; ready to pause and skip around as needed
  • Organization - grouping 3 IR first, Argo last
  • Few slides at beginning and end to frame and conclude.
  • Rick is asking for heads in development so that he can mention coming attractions

December Hydra Meetings

  • San Diego is confirmed for the first week of Dec 3-5th
  • Three hotels being reviewed for blocks of rooms; Sheraton @$119 per night
  • Meeting rooms still being confirmed
  • Question on how many we intend to send
  • NW - 2
  • ND - 2
  • Stanford - 6-7
  • UVa - 0
  • Indiana - 2-4
  • Mediashelf - 3-?
  • Tom will put out a call on the list. Rick had made a block of 15 and 25 but used about 20 with 7 local to Indiana.
  • Steering Group will hold a separate, parallel retreat which will not overlap with a developer focused partner meeting except perhaps at night
  • Thoughts on Agenda - less architecture, more code sharing or developing time
    • Next task could be to identify which tools might be used to whiteboard some ideas in advance of the meeting
    • Jeremy from ND is out for a portion of Oct and had the whiteboard idea
    • Maybe we should call out to Hydracamp to determine if there are focal points for the Dec meeting
    • Avalon is still lacking some package dependencies; project is looking for feedback
    • Stanford is in the process of trying to install Atrium and should have feedback and a demo by Dec; documentation holes have been identified