November 2016 Hydra Partner Meeting

On Sunday, November 6 (prior to the DLF Forum taking place on November 7-9), we plan to have a Hydra meeting for interested & available Partners, to make progress on core issues.

Date and Time

Sunday, November 6

10 AM - 5 PM CST


Kennedy Room, 7th floor
The Pfister Hotel
424 E. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202


Agenda Topics

Note: topics 2-4 are linked

  1. Hydra Camps. We are offering fewer camps and structured training opportunities as a community than we might (especially relative to Islandora and Fedora). Let’s set a target and a plan to meet these in 2017.

  2. Hydra Architecture WG. Let’s advance the understanding and clarity of the major Hydra gems and development efforts underway (CC, Sufia, HyBox, Avalon).

  3. Community Sprints. A major development for 2016 has been the flowering of community-based sprints. Let’s determine how these are best organized now and in the future, and if we want to “craft” any sprints for 2017.

  4. How do we get more more contributors and more sustainability for our core gems and products? Contributions from partners? On ramps for new developers? Better documentation, better APIs?

  5. What Does it Mean to be a Partner? In line with the above discussions, let’s analyze Hydra Partner expectations. What does it mean to be a partner? This is a follow on discussion from any progress made on this issue at Hydra Connect 2016.

Other Topic Suggestions

Please add your suggestions here

  • As the number of vendors in Hydra grows, what can/should the project do to establish active, symbiotic relationships with these providers? What would a Registered Sevice Provider program look like? Or a commercial "pledge of good citizenship"? 


Please sign up by adding your name below:

  1. Tom Cramer, Stanford
  2. Mike Giarlo, Stanford
  3. Jon Stroop, Princeton
  4. Jon Dunn, Indiana
  5. Declan Fleming, UCSD
  6. Carolyn Caizzi, Northwestern
  7. David Schober, Northwestern
  8. Jocelyn Triplett, Virginia
  9. Mark Bussey, DCE
  10. Don Brower, Notre Dame
  11. Nabeela Jaffer, Michigan
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