May 2016 Developer Congress Meeting Agenda

Dates and Location

May 4-6, 2016 at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Michigan Union.

Meeting Room and Time

Anderson Room @ Michigan Union, 9am-5pm (9am-12pm on May 6th)


Please register using the following form -


Colin Gross and Jeremy Friesen  


~.5 miles away from Michigan Union

Bell Tower Hotel - 300 South Thayer
The Graduate (Dahlmann Campus Inn) - 615 East Huron Street

~1 mile away from Michigan Union
Residence Inn Ann Arbor Downtown - 120 West Huron Street
Burnt Toast Inn - 415 West William Street or 516 West Washington Street

~3 miles away from Michigan Union
Sheraton Ann Arbor Hotel - 3200 Boardwalk Drive
Comfort Inn & Suites - 3501 South State Street


Dining & Fellowship

Breakfast will be provided each morning.

Thursday evening: self-organized dine-arounds!  Please use this spreadsheet to sign up with a group for a restaurant outing, or better yet, start a new group yourself!

Code of Conduct

We will follow the Samvera Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy


  • Pair Programming opportunites for Hydra developer community
  • Focused face to face time for new Hydra adopters
  • Move Hydra Community code development goals forward

Development Ideas

  • Mediated deposit in Sufia (& beyond)
  • Newspapers in Blacklight
  • DevOps
  • Sharing indexes or rdf for indexing between repositories.
  • UI practices & guidelines for Sufia.
  • Collection visibility and sharing enhancements (Lynette Rayle, Cornell)
  • Save Work as a Draft and Tombstone feature in Sufia (Nabeela Jaffer, Michigan)
  • Deployment environment for sufia 7.0 (document recommended versions of system dependencies) (Carolyn Cole, PSU)
    • OR - Guidelines for any Curation Concerns based application + Deltas for Sufia 7.0 (if any) (Mark Bussey, DCE)
  • Release Notes/ documentation for Sufia 7.0 (Carolyn Cole, PSU)
  • Document/standardize usage of solr_wrapper and fcrepo_wrapper so we're not all doing this ourselves (Mike Giarlo, Stanford)
  • Bring some code you'd like to work on testing better (Jeremy Friesen, ND)
  • Developing, Running Tests, and making PRs against a rails engine (Curation Concerns) (Mark Bussey, DCE + Michigan Press Dev Team)