September 2013 Agenda and Notes

Regarding the Hydra Partners meeting in State College, PA this September. The plan is for a Management track to take place between Sept 16 - Sept 18, and a technical track to take place during the course of the entire week from Sept 16 - Sept 20.  The technical track will be a group doing code shredding/sharing for developers as well as a group sharing information around DevOps. A complementary & parallel "Strategic Retreat" will review progress against the Hydra strategic plan, identify new needs and opportunities, and address the action items in the plan.

Please note that this second track will not be a "normal" Hydra partners meeting: there will be no coding, and no tactical sessions on documentation, training nor release planning. Rather, these 2.5 days will focus on plotting a roadmap for the project for the next year, given the current state of the technology and community, and opportunities presenting themselves. The strategic retreat is open to any partner who would like to participate in the planning. 


For simplicity, let's call them a "Managers' Meeting" and a "Developers' Meeting" without taking the terms too literally.

Please be careful to distinguish your attendance between the three-day Management meeting and the five-day Developers' meeting.  If you are staying all week doing a "mix and match" between the two, please sign up on the Developer list and make a note to that effect.

Management meeting:  16 - 18 September, Penn State University, State College, PA.
Managers, please add yourselves to the Managers' attendees list (link below) and add to the agenda areas below as appropriate...

September 2013 Managers' Meeting Attendees

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(star)  September Strategic Planning Agenda and Notes  (star)

Developers' meeting:  16 - 20 September, Penn State University, State College, PA. 


September 2013 Developer Meeting Agenda - please feel free to add you thoughts and topic suggestions

Developers, please add yourselves to the attendees list (link below).

September 2013 Developers' Meeting Attendees

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Hotel information:

We have reserved rooms at The Atherton <>, and they should be $95 a night assuming we get 15 people in total to stay there.  This hotel is also where both the technical and manager tracks will be located and is a good location to other spots downtown.  The booking code for the hotel is HYDRA160913