September 2011 Agenda and Notes


Agenda items

Steering Group

  • Licensing & collaboration agreement
  • Mechanisms for keeping up to date
  • Should Hydra provide an 'out of the box' demo DVD/download? (Current installation isn't easy?)
  • Role of DuraSpace in provision of services (incubation, etc.)
  • DPLA Beta Sprint
  • Organization of code & licensing
    • where in GitHub should code be?
    • how is code officially designated as "Hydra"
    • where does license file go?
    • what does it state?


Partners Plenary

Thursday Plenary

  • Institutional Updates, Demos, Goals and Timelines
    • Build technical roadmap as we go
    • Build community roadmap as we go
    • Rockhall: Media & PBCore work, MARC display & BL
    • Marpa Foundation Archive: Courses & Sessions with multilingual content
    • NARM: metadata management, processing & browsing
    • Stanford update
    • Hull update
    • Notes on Stanford, Hull, and MediaShelf Demos
    • NU and ND demos etc

Friday Morning - Plenary

  • Virginia update and timeline

Friday Afternoon Plenary

Hydra Plugin Architecture (possible breakout)

  • How does Plugin Architecture work in theory?
  • What are status / plans around Plugin Architecture?
  • proposal: 2 different subsets of mods metadata; basic fedora with dc desc metadata; image object; something that uses "default" views (unrecognized model
  • Plugin Notes

EAD patterns & conventions

Subcomponent releases?

  • Who are the component leads, and when do they rotate?
  • Nominations:
    • Hydra-Head Release Manager: Julie Meloni
    • OM: Michael Klein
    • ActiveFedora: Justin Coyne (Rick Johnson next?)
    • Solrizer: Edwin Shin
    • Website: Richard Green
  • Rotation Schedule
    • Rotate hydra-head Release Manager & Component Leads at same time
    • First rotation: after release of hydra-head 3.0.0
    • Next rotation: at next Partners Meeting

Media breakout conversation (60 min) 

  • Rockhall: Media & PBCore work, MARC display & BL
  • Roadmap & coordination of efforts.
  • How do we work with PBCore

Saturday Morning Breakouts

  • Authn and Authz
    • How this is being managed at various sites
    • Variations-specific requirements and plans
    • compare notes with Wisconsin / Scott about plans for rightsMD:XACML (Scott reports that UW not ready for engaging on this yet; expect to ramp up considerably in 2012)
  • Micro-services inside Fedora
  • Blacklight 4 v Blacklight Lite (is there a point where Hydra might want to fork Blacklight - raised over drinks at OR?)
  • Training & Coordination - where to get training?
  • Atrium & Exhibits / ("I want Omeka using Blacklight without Solr")
    • Reuse of existing NW and ND code?
  • Variable resolution image services and how to model them in Hydra
  • Hypatia Project Meeting - finishing coding and wrapup steps - partners discussion
  • Partners' technical roadmap
  • Hyda community roadmap

Partners - offline conversations (Beer)


  • Hydra-Head release details
  • Rails3 & hydra-head refactoring merge

Code Sharing – infrastructure (hydra_head, etc.) & head-specific

  • How is code sharing working in theory?
  • How is code sharing working in practice?
  • How should code sharing work--what are our to do's?
  • Where should documentation live?
  • Framework (ie. Rails) – basic tooling functionality that you can use to assemble an application
  • Application (ie. Blacklight) – application that you configure

Partners - Not Covered

  • Relationship ontologies and filters
    • Pending AF enhancements dealing with Filters
  • Data Modelling. Objective: As partners, identifying vocabularies, patterns, and Data Modeling best practices so that we can document, recommend or officially adopt as appropriate.
    • Sets (comparing and reconciling Hypatia, Hull, NW, ND)
    • EADs
    • linked data & rdf vs. xml metadata for internal persistence of metadata