2017-02-14 Meeting Agenda and Notes

When: 2017-02-14; 12pm ET

Where: Google Hangouts: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/event/cd3blc5al8lb5v97fc9a3847id0?hl=en&authuser=1

Moderator:  Andrew Myers (WGBH)

Notetaker:  Chris Colvard (Deactivated) (IU)



  1. Notetaker

  2. Review action items

    1. Merge #23 (anyone) Done
    2. Email WG for views on extended deadline (Drew)
      1. Not done! Discuss during agenda
    3. Write a ticket to propose a guideline to follow the pattern of copying templates for configuration (commented out options, say) into app but leave real config in gem
      1. Not done, carry forward
    4. Get https://github.com/projecthydra-labs/geo_concerns/pull/300 passing and merged 
      1. Done
    5. Turn Chris' observations on GA and config into actionable tickets
      1. Chris Colvard (Deactivated)?
      2. Not Done, Chris will comment on configuration guideline ticket when created
      Touch base with Elliot and determine a time to sync up w/ Hackathon
      • UPDATE: email sent to  Eliot Jordancam156, and  Matthew Barnett. Awaiting response from Eliot.
      • Not Done - pair up was scheduled, but then canceled, and not rescheduled.
    6. Come up with a timeslot for next week and shoot out an invite (Matt)
      1. Done, but not not done (see above)
    7. Chris to cc: Kate & Greg re: time to pair up on Google Analytics
      1. Chris Colvard (Deactivated)?
      2. Not Done
  3. Extend sunset date
    1. add action item to update the charter
    2. add action item to announce via hydra-tech list
    3. Agreed that new sunset date will be April 11th
  4. Plan development!!!
    1. GeoConcerns?
      1. Eliot, Matthew, and Drew will meet up on Friday afternoon
    2. Google Analytics?
      1. Chris will write tickets and try to get some cycles for development
  5. Tickets for Guidelines
    1. add action item for coming up with PRs ( Andrew Myers).
  6. Review and vote (when it's time to) on Hydra Dev Congress topics
    1. March 2017 Developer Congress Meeting Agenda
  7. Review Roadmap

  8. Next Meeting
    1. When: 2017-02-28; 12pm ET

- Standing agenda item

Action Items:

  • Write a ticket to propose guidelines for how to handle plugin configuration (Drew)
  • Comment on Drew's ticket with hyrax GA concerns (Chris)
  • Bring up WG topics on hydra-tech call for inclusion in Hydra Dev Congress agenda (Drew)
  • Update the charter with new sunset date (Carolyn)
  • Announce via hydra-tech list with new sunset date (Carolyn)
  • Start filling out justifications for guidelines in PRs to be done by LDCX (Jenn)