2017-01-10 Meeting Agenda and Notes

When: 2017-01-10; 12pm ET

Where: Google Hangouts: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/event/cd3blc5al8lb5v97fc9a3847id0?hl=en&authuser=1

Moderator: Andrew Myers (WGBH)

Notetaker: Eliot Jordan (Princeton)



  1. Notetaker

  2. Review action items

    1. Should we target Hyrax? Greg Kostin

      1. Done - Yes. From Michael Joseph Giarlo: "Now that Hyrax is available as an alpha on GitHub, with a working test suite, I'd recommend going with Hyrax."

    2. Create a guideline ticket re: routing proxy

      1. Donehttps://github.com/projecthydra-labs/hydra_plugins_wg/issues/23

  3. Review Roadmap

    1. Meeting 4: 2016-12-20

      1. Not Done: First round of development has been completed, ready to report.

    2. Meeting 5: 2017-01-10

      1. Not Done: Guidlines have been updated to reflect community feedback, announced publicly with call for community feedback.

      2. Not Done: Second round of development has been completed, ready to report and demo.

  4. Resolve currently outstanding Guidelines
    1. #21 good to go? Has PR #24.
    2. #19 good to go? Needs a PR.
    3. #23 good to go? Has a PR #25, but has been some pushback.
      1. Maybe this isn't the right to go about solving the problem brought up as justification?
      2. Maybe too nuanced for these guidelines?
    4. Request feedback via:
      1. hydra-tech mailing list
      2. Hydra Tech phone call tomorrow (Wed, 1/11/17)
  5. GeoConcerns plugin dev commitments.

    1. Record commitments as action items to be followed up on next week.
    2. Do we need more actionable tickets?
  6. Google Analytics plugin dev commitments?

    1. Record commitments as action items to be followed up on next week.
    2. Still need a dev plan
      1. Need user stories for what the features are (Greg)
      2. Need to convert stories to actionable tickets
      3. Tickets for initials. I.e. create the plugin boiler plate code.
  7. Adding Justifications for Guidelines?
    1. Add to guidelines, or will git commit msgs suffice?
  8. Adding code snippets for guidelines involving specific implementation?
    1. On an as needed basis?
    2. Follow the "good" vs "bad" format?
  9. Namespacing plugins
    1. Hyrax::MyPlugin vs Hyrax::Plugins::MyPlugin vs other?
  10. Revise sunset date?
    1. Postponed: Will delay revising the sunset date until there is more data on work velocity.
  11. New/Carryover Action Items
  12. Actions Items
    1. Create a PR for issue #19 and get it merged (Drew)
    2. Ask for community feedback about #23.
    3. Solicit feedback on the next hydra-tech call. (Drew)
    4. Solicit second round of feedback on the hydra-tech list. (Jenn)
    5. Dev commitments
      1. GeoConcerns
        1. Eliot (4 hours)
        2. Drew (4 hours)
      2. Google Analytics
        1. Chris (4 hours)
        2. Greg (4 hours)
      3. Schedule time for pairing (Eliot, Drew, Chris, Greg)
    6. Make ticket(s) to write justifications or add existing justifications to guidelines doc.
    7. Make an issue to choose a namespace scheme and solicit feedback. 
  13. Next Meeting
    1. When: 2017-01-17; 12pm ET
    2. Notetaker: 

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