2016-11-22 Meeting notes - Hydra Plugins Working Group

When: 2016-11-22

Where: Google Hangouts: https://hangouts.google.com/call/a3x36uncwfgghfr4fjn3znytuye

Moderator: Andrew Myers (WGBH)

Notetaker: Noah Botimer



  1. Notetaker
  2. Review action items
    1. Create a Doodle poll for a new recurring meeting time. (Andrew)
      1. Done: http://doodle.com/poll/dp62yu3bvhnhxf38
      2. Is this a good time, given the limitation due to Thanksgiving?
        1. If not, do we do another Doodle polls for the next meeting?
    2. Make a link to the WG from the hydra homepage. (Andrew)
      1. Done! Thanks kestlund.
    3. Announce the formation of the group to the world. (Andrew)
      1. Done! Announced it during last week's Hydra-tech call, and on the hydra-community mailing list.
    4. Sign up for Duraspace account. (Everyone!)
    5. Create github repo in projecthydra-labs for working documents and issues. (Eliot)
      1. Done! https://github.com/projecthydra-labs/hydra_plugins_wg
    6. Make sure everyone in the WG has permissions on projecthydra-labs and a CLA. (Katherine)
    7. Move use cases from the charter and into the github repo. (Carolyn)
    8.  Sketch out a timeline for our deliverables in a document on the github repo. (Andrew)
      1. Done! https://github.com/projecthydra-labs/hydra_plugins_wg/pull/1
  3. Initial set of user stories
    1. Q: Are we good to start with those currently outlined in the charter?
  4. Candidates for proof-of-concept
    1. Let's get a list during this meeting.
    2. These can be github tickets
      1. i.e. "Should XYZ be one of our proofs-of-concept projects?"
      2. this will allow voting, and discussion througout the next 2 weeks.
  5. New/Carryover Action Items
  6. Next Meeting
    1. When: 
    2. Notetaker: 

- Standing agenda items


Action Item follow-up

2a. Barring conflict, standing meeting every other Tuesday, 12 EST / 10 MST, starting 11/22, next 12/6

2d/2f. "Everyone" has an account and CLA. If not, contact Noah Botimer for help.

2g. Github Issues are not yet created, will be today/tomorrow.

Pull Request "policy": generally, don't merge your own PR... Two thumbs up permit self-merge.

Roadmap: Initial draft met with good response, slight meeting schedule adjustment suggested (01/03 -> 01/10)

User story review

#2, some question about "where" the plugins go. CurationConcerns may be an initial target for convenience. Scope might move a bit over time. Vocabulary and guidelines may specify something more general while the implementation is only "in CurationConcerns" initially.

Candidates for initial plugins

  • Geo-Concerns
  • FileSets – data modeling and CRUD support; may require core changes, may be more viable for plugin ("Hydra Discoverable Files" plugin); relevant in DAM use cases
  • Existing gems? Real-world examples and requirements
  • Google Analytics as built into Sufia (may be an "optional feature" or potentially extracted as a plugin for non-Haiku apps)
  • Questioning Authority (what about this makes it plugin-oriented?)
  • A minimal plugin as an example without tons of context

Action Items

  1. User Stories, commenting and potentially adding (Everyone)
    1. Write user story around logs/error reporting
      1. Probably a fair amount of if/then stuff depending on the type of plugin/interactions
    2. Define "plugin categories"
    3. Move user stories into a documentation format
  2. Discuss and vote on candidates (Everyone)
    1. Leading toward a decision of the initial set (for when?)