2016-12-06 Meeting notes - Hydra Plugins Working Group

When: 2016-12-06

Where: Google Hangouts: https://hangouts.google.com/call/a3x36uncwfgghfr4fjn3znytuye

Moderator: Andrew Myers (WGBH)

Notetaker: Matthew Barnett



  1. Notetaker
  2. Review action items
    1. User Stories, commenting and potentially adding (Everyone)
    2. Discuss and vote on candidates (Everyone)
  3. Any objections to a Github group in projecthydra-labs to make it easier to nag one another?
  4. Review Roadmap
    1. Identify any blockers for the following milestones:
      1. Hydra plugin projects have github repos.
      2. Hydra plugin github repos have initial tickets.
      3. Guidelines v0.1.0 pushed to github.
      4. Request for feedback on Guidelines v0.1.0 has been posted.
    2. What can we do right now, in this meeting?
      1. Write the plugins for Hyrax?
    3. Make tickets for these, including any blockers, and get them assigned.
  5. Building off of the Hydra's Contributing Guidelines
    1. None of our Guidelines should contradict these.
    2. We should refer to this document before creating any new Guideline, to be sure we're covering something new and useful.
    3. For instance, see Noah Botimer's comment on issue #6.
      1. What more do we need to say about documentation for Plugins that is not stated in Hydra's contributing guidelines?
  6. New/Carryover Action Items
  7. Next Meeting
    1. When: 
    2. Notetaker: 


  1. The group is happy with current state of user stories
  2. Discussion & Voting on candidates: 
    1. Discussion of adding "Social Media" plugin (the larger community seems to think we're working on this)
    2. Questioning Authority received no votes, ruled out
    3. Browse Everything. Small and self-contained like Google Analytics, but Google Analytics had more votes
    4. Google Analytics & Geoconcerns received the most votes
    5. Social Media Sharing Buttons needs to hook into a part of the UI, which presents different challenges than Google Analytics if it's purely a non-UI plugin.
    6. Social Media Sharing Buttons may need to integrate more (Authentication?) whereas Google Analytics is a bit more additive and less integrative.
    7. Everyone is onboard with Geoconcerns
    8. After some discussion, the group is making Google Analytics the second plugin to consider
  3. No objections
  4. Milestone progress:
    1. Action items created for repos/branches
    2. "W3C-style" for guidelines discussed
    3. Blocker on Guidelines publication – no Table of Contents
    4. initial version of ToC blocking Request for feedback (would like to solicit feedback beginning of day Friday or Monday)
    5. Discussion of whether we should be considering targeting Hyrax vs Sufia/CurationConcerns. The group is currently using the older verbiage until things settle down, but we think Hyrax will be a target platform (along with lower levels of the stack, like hydra-works)
  5. Hydra Contributing Guidelines contains some advice relevant to what we're targeting. Good to check with and defer to existing community documentation; ensures our work is in line with community expectations. Discussion of encouraging varying degrees of conformance, working with different parts of the community to reduce learning curve when integrating with the many different gems in the Hydra world, and where our role in providing good documentation can help raise the community's quality of life.


Action Items:

  1. Eliot to create branch in GeoConcerns for plugin work
  2. Jenn to create repo for Google Analytics Hydra plugin
  3. Andrew to double-check that everyone is in the group, can create tickets, be assigned to issues, etc
  4. Everyone to work on building Table of Contents for Guidelines, as a skeleton on which to build the entire document. Target having this done before Friday or Monday morning.
  5. Andrew to create a ticket/repo and push first version of guidelines we can discuss/use to build ToC
  6. Greg to follow up with Mike Giarlo as to whether Hyrax is a good target for the group to consider targeting right now, or if it is still early days.

- Standing agenda items