2016-11-08 Meeting notes - Hydra Plugins Working Group

When: 2016-11-08

Where: Google Hangouts

Moderator:  Andrew Myers (WGBH)




  1. Notetaker
  2. Welcome! Any new introductions need to be made?
  3. What to expect in HPWG?
    1. Samvera Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy
    2. This is a "working" group, and thus should be task-focused.
    3. Expect some Agile-y methodologies, but not full on scrum, or anything like that.
      1. Mostly to keep a backlog of tasks to track progress.
    4. Suggestions for process improvements are always welcome, let the group know!
    5. Will it work to meet at this day/time every two weeks?
      1. At least one participant will not be able to make this time slot, but could make an earlier time. Another Doodle poll for an earlier time?
  4. Review action items
    1. Establish initial working documents for drafts of guidelines in location decided upon. ( Andrew Myers)
    2. Create use cases from the charter narrative. ( Andrew Myers)
    3. Post finalized draft charter to the duraspace wiki, and link from home page. ( Andrew Myers)
    4. Post notes, and link from WG page. (Jenn,  Andrew Myers)
    5. Send message on Hydra-tech announcing formation of new WG, and deadline for sign-up. ( Andrew Myers)
    6. Report on experience developing GeoConcerns, i.e. pain points, observations on integration points, etc. ( Eliot Jordan)
      1. Areas of friction for developing against CurationConcerns
        1. Churn & Breaking Changes
          1. Hard to build against a moving target.
          2. Many people have issues with changes in the install generators.
        2. Versioning

          1. Semantic versioning is not always followed.
          2. Patch releases occasionally contain breaking changes.
        3. Documentation

          1. More and better.
          2. Should be a regular part of the pull request and release process.
          3. Additions to the wiki and release notes.

          1. Strategy on how to sustainably extend default views.
        5. Derivatives

          1. Where should derivative processors live? At the plugin level? In the Hydra Derivatives gem?
        6. Class and Module Overrides

          1. Minimize because these are unsustainable.

  5. What is left to become an official WG?
    1. Not much! But let's recap.
  6. Collaboration tools: where will our working documents live?
    1. Everybody sign up for an account on the Duraspace wiki so you too can be a notetaker!
    2. Github vs. Google Docs?
      1. Group agreed to use Github.
  7. Establish a roadmap of the work to be done (i.e milestones tied to target dates). Some suggestions for milestones:
    1. Agree on well-formed use cases that can be turned into actionable tickets.
    2. First draft of Hydra Plugin guidelines.
    3. Receive community feedback on first draft of Hydra Plugin guidelines.
      1. incorporating feedback into the guidelines, and publishing results will be an ongoing process.
    4. Agree on candidates for (a single?) proof-of-concept project.
    5. Begin work on proof-of-concept project.
      1. One project to work on as a group. New or existing project.
      2. Maybe more than one proofs-of-concept?
    6. Publish final version of Hydra Plugin guidelines.
    7. Complete work on proof-of-concept project.
  8. Action Items
    1. Create a doodle poll for a new recurring meeting time. (Andrew)
    2. Make a link to the WG from the hydra homepage. (Andrew)
    3. Announce the formation of the group to the world. (Andrew)
    4. Sign up for Duraspace account. (Everyone!)
    5. Create github repo in projecthydra-labs for working documents and issues. (Eliot)
    6. Make sure everyone in the WG has permissions on projecthydra-labs and a CLA. (Katherine)
    7. Move use cases from the charter and into the github repo. (Carolyn)
    8.  Sketch out a timeline for our deliverables in a document on the github repo. (Andrew)
  9. Next Meeting
    1. When: 
    2. Notetaker: 

- Standing agenda items