2017-01-17 Meeting Agenda and Notes

When: 2017-01-17; 12pm ET

Where: Google Hangouts: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/event/cd3blc5al8lb5v97fc9a3847id0?hl=en&authuser=1

Moderator: Andrew Myers (WGBH)




  1. Notetaker

  2. Review action items

    1. Done - Create a PR for issue #19 and get it merged (Drew)
      1. Done, feel free to suggest changes to wording to make more clear.
      2. Will discuss more when reporting back on Drew/Elliot dev pair-up.
    2. Done - Ask for community feedback about #23.
      1. No feedback forthcoming. Merge it or kill it.
      2. May be out-of-scope enough to let it go.  
        1. Specifically applies if the plugin is an engine. 
        2. Reinforce this as a best practice when the plugin is an engine. (Drew)
    3. Done - Solicit feedback on the next hydra-tech call. (Drew)
      1. More feedback is needed.  Any thoughts on ways to improve getting feedback right now?
        1. Just keep plugging alone for now.  Solicit deeper feedback later, when we have more significant changes to suggest/submit as PRs.
    4. Done - Solicit second round of feedback on the hydra-tech list. (Jenn)
    5. Dev commitments
      1. GeoConcerns
        1. Eliot (4 hours)
        2. Drew (4 hours)
        3. Report
          1. Looked at GeoConcerns specifically for sticking points, identifying places where it might be difficult to conform to the guidelines without significant changes to GeoConcerns or CurationConcerns.
          2. Specifically derivative generation, handling files in a fileset.  A lot of file characterization is currently baked into CC, which has forced GC to adopt some practices that do not conform to the guidelines, specifically overwriting CC classes.  Formulating guidelines around how to handle inheritance, not overwriting the module upon which the plugin depends.  
          3. Changes around this in GC to conform to guidelines might make implementation significantly easier later.
          4. Modifying GeoConcerns in Hyrax based on this might be a good place for this group to contribute work.
          5. Also looked at namespacing concerns in GeoConcerns, tabling for now.
            1. Recommendation will be to namespace plugin code, not under another namespace, following guidelines for namespacing Rails engines.
      2. Google Analytics
        1. Chris (4 hours)
        2. Greg (4 hours)
        3. Report
          1. Have not met yet, asynchronously doing code review, will meet soon.
          2. Not enough traction to yet start opening issues on it.  Shooting to do so within these next two weeks.
      3. Schedule time for pairing (Eliot, Drew, Chris, Greg)
    6. Not done. Make ticket(s) to write justifications or add existing justifications to guidelines doc.
      1. Drew opened #27 addressing this.
    7. Not done. Make an issue to choose a namespace scheme and solicit feedback. 

      1. Done, see Action Items below.

  3. Review Roadmap

  4. New/Carryover Action Items

  5. Actions Items
    1. Reinforce #23 as a best practice when the plugin is an engine. (Drew)
    2. Close namespacing recommendation. (Drew, done)
    3. Being mindful of our deadline and not allowing this work to drag out, focus on coming up with what we can deliver by the end date. (all)
    4. Drew (4 hours), Eliot (4 hours), Matthew (4 hours),  Carolyn (4 hours) on GeoConcerns, diving into Actors stack.
      1. Pair-ups to be scheduled on Slack after the meeting.
      2. Tickets and possible backlog stuff in Hyrax & downward as applicable.
    5. Google Analytics
      1. Chris, Greg, Kate have 2 - 4 hours over the next 2 weeks.
      2. Will pair up over the next 2 weeks.
      3. User stories, tickets, and 2 - 4 hours of dev.
  6. Next Meeting
    1. When: 2017-01-31; 12pm ET
    2. Notetaker: 

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