2016-12-20 Meeting notes - Hydra Plugins Working Group

When: 2016-12-06

Where: Google Hangouts: https://hangouts.google.com/call/a3x36uncwfgghfr4fjn3znytuye (not working, try this one: https://hangouts.google.com/call/n3jhniysq5czxh3vtodz6nuvjee)

Moderator: Andrew Myers (WGBH)

Notetaker: Carolyn Cole (PSU)



  1. Notetaker
  2. Review action items
    1. Eliot Jordan to create branch in GeoConcerns for plugin work
      1. Done - https://github.com/projecthydra-labs/geo_concerns/tree/plugin
    2. Jenn Colt to create repo for Google Analytics Hydra plugin
      1. Donehttps://github.com/projecthydra-labs/google_analytics_plugin
    3. Andrew Myers to double-check that everyone is in the group, can create tickets, be assigned to issues, etc
      1. Done - added the projecthydra-labs/hydra_plugins_wg team as administrators to the repo
    4. EVERYBODY to work on building Table of Contents for Guidelines, as a skeleton on which to build the entire document adding/modifying Guidelines. Target having this done before Friday or Monday morning.
    5. Andrew Myers to create a ticket/repo and push first version of guidelines we can discuss/use to build ToC
      1. Done - created ticket, and PR.
    6. Greg Kostin to follow up with Michael Joseph Giarlo as to whether Hyrax is a good target for the group to consider targeting right now, or if it is still early days.
  3. Review Roadmap
    1. First round of community feedback on Guidelines has been compiled.
    2. First round of development has been completed, ready to report.
  4. Full-day or half-day dev commitments?
    1. There will need to be a few solid pushes early next year to finish on time. 
  5. New/Carryover Action Items
  6. Next Meeting
    1. When: 
    2. Notetaker: 

- Standing agenda items


Not very much feedback on the Guidelines.  How should we engage additional community members?  Does Hyrax roadmap hinge on the Plugin Working group.

We can namespace plugins under the hydras namespace.  Hydra Dams plugin will be namespaced later.

John Stroop thought Hyrax was a good place for us to do our work.

Since we are writing plugins for the hydra stack, so namespace at the appropriate level, either hydra or hyrax. Name space it at the layer of the sphere that it depends on. 

Classes need to be namespace. Routes will be affected by the namespace. 

No code and tickets have been written so we are behind on the milestone.

Is anyone available to doing half or full day commitments?  Either block off time or pairing up on hangout.  Mathew should be available in January.  Elliot may be available in early January. Work on Geo-concerns can start almost immediately.  Google Analytics plugin:  what does it do?  What is the problem space?  What are the actionable items? 


Andrew:  Make a ticket for: If you are referring to url helpers make sure to use the main_app or the engine 

Everyone: Schedules time for planning pair programming.  Only working on GeoConcerns  Looking for 2 day per month commitment.