2019-02-20 Meeting Notes

Meeting information

Wednesday February 20th 5pm GMT / 12pm ET / 9am PT



  • Chris Awre

  • Harriet Green

  • Karen Estlund

  • Robin Ruggaber

  • Rosalyn Metz

  • Tim McGeary

  • Charlotte Nunes


  • Identify a model for contributions by assessing gaps in the report and identifying barriers to contributions

Discussion items

5 minRoll call and housekeepingRosalyn

45 min

Review of the CMWG Report

  • What are the gaps in the report?
    • Lacks differentiation of vendors and non-profit institutions
    • There are no dollar amounts for regular monetary contributions – without dollar amounts it becomes difficult to figure out how to move forward
    • How do partners report back about in-kind contributions
    • How do we account for institutional differences in FTE numbers
    • Are operational budgets the best way to do banding?
      • Number of FTE working on Samvera and how they dedicate time (Local Sprints, Community Sprints, IG/WG work)
    • What about consortial memberships? University systems, community colleges, etc.

  • What is our biggest barrier to developing a contribution model?
5 minNext steps
  • Review action items
  • Identify agenda for next meeting

Action items

  •  Rosalyn Metz: throw some dollar numbers on the bands, consider some of the conversation and items from above when updating those bands.