CMWG 27 August 2018


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Karen Cariani (WGBH, Boston)

Nora Egloff (Lafayette College)

Richard Green (University of Hull)

Ryan Steans (Northwestern University)

Steph Taylor (CoSector, London) (apologies)

Annie Wu (University of Houston) 

Agenda and notes

  1. Changes to agenda

  2. Review of draft recommendations document
    1. The WG went through the proposed recommendations document, discussed and resolved the outstanding questions.

  3. Next steps
    1. On its next call (apologies from Richard) the WG will take a final pass at it to ensure there is complete agreement about the recommendations.  The plan is to circulate the final document to Partners a week or ten days ahead of the October Partner meeting.

  4. Date of next meetiing
    1. 10 September 2018  11:00am Eastern