2018-09-24 CMWG Meeting notes



Discussion items


Welcome Richard back

Review notes from last week
 What we need to do for Connect - next steps  

 COmplete report - any final additions/ changes?

Cover letter?

Deliver to Partners next week?

Circulate the week before Connect -

Propose - We clean up text and putting out -

Introductory paragraph- comment by Connect

AI - send comments to the Partners List -

- Any comments we get will get shared out

- Will feedback lead to discussion - can drive discussion

Partner Meeting 10/08

Action items from Partners?

- in next day or 2 - will draft a covering email - and send out on Thursday -

Action items

Ryan to produce form for Partner comments allowing for anonymous feedback

Richard to prepare PowerPoint for feedback to Partner meeting in Utah

Richard to circulate draft report with covering email 9/27