2018-05-21 Meeting notes




  • Rubric of contribution offerings - development of type and schedule

Discussion items

Roll call and housekeepingRyan
  • Please place your name in the "Attendees" area
  • Double-check on "every two weeks at this time"
  • Who is at OR?
  Develop an overview of the different types of Partner and Supporter 

Consider a rubric for types of contribution

Consider how it will be sent

Consider timeline 

How do we want to develop a rubric?

See Richard's suggestions below for types of contributions

What is the cost of hosted services or other services?Ryan

Action items

Karen -

Development commitment time

Active work on WG's - 

Problem:  How do you measure Active Work on Working Group?  IG's?

Annie -

Conference Organizer - program committee -  Chair is more time than committee (quantify leadership roles?)

WG's and IG's - standing committees like Steering COmmittees - can be tied to organizing workshops, conferences - Samvera COnnect, Camps - that's all time - depends on roles

COmmittee - may be ad hoc or over a shorter period of time - 

For Rubric

Contributions to Code and Code development

Organizing COmmunity as a whole

Marketing - someone who proposes sessions at conferences - for Samvera as a whole - Standing Committees 


Considered a partner - someone should be attending meetings a certain number of times per year.  

Contribution model - Partner/ Member - doesn't hurt to have Members/ Supporters - contribute money and work

Members/ Supporters - Possibly no development 

Hard for orgs to give cash or time - Do you want an org like that to be part of the Community?  What sort of contribution do you want to be in their means?

What is the contribution of WGBH if minimum cash and lack of ability to provide FTE's

Given the Roadmap - what are the things that people can contribute (by size and ability to contribute) - 

For each item - range of hours per month 

Value per item (1 low value - 5 being high value)

Value - expectations back to community

Other models:

What is the approximate annual budget for a member institution?  

What is the range of budgets for an institution/ for their IT?


  • Developer time devoted to community (rather than local) needs (value depends on experience of developer?)
  • Travel expenses to code-fests
  • Time (proportion of?) developing code for local use but which is then gifted to the community
  • Time testing new community releases


Meetings and calls

  • Partner (and, for some, Steering) calls
  • Involvement in Working and Interest Groups
  • Attendance at stand-alone Partner (and, for some, Steering) meetings (so not alongside Connect)
  • Travel expenses for above
  • Attendance at “other” conferences specifically to deliver a Samvera component
  • Travel expenses for above



  • Time dedicated to admin work for the community (this applies mainly to Steering members)
  • “Donations” of time/advice by, for example, university counsel which otherwise would need to be paid for



  • Time organising events (Connect, regional meetings, Partner meetings etc)
  • “Donations” of meeting space which otherwise would need to be hired
  • “Donations” of local services for meetings (such possibilities as “free” catering; local “free” printing of posters etc)



  • Time to deliver (so not be a pupil in) training events
  • Travel expenses for above (if not paid by training organisation)