2016-04-27 Meeting notes




    • Interviews with experienced voices within the community concerning Service Management.
    • Drafting of a new survey for ascertaining current Service Management needs within the broader community.
    • Deliberation on the feasibility of more potential deliverables (e.g. templates) to help guide Service Management activities.
    • Start thinking about potential Service Management sessions for Hydra Connect

Discussion items

5-10 min.Roll call and introductionsSheila
  • See attendees
10-20 min.Update on strategy and interviews so far, see Google DocSheila/Kieran
  • different institutions are organized differently in many cases, which could effect service management models across the community
  • Service Models might be a good contribution to the community - what is a service model, and what are some examples
  • RACI matrix is an important tool for determining roles
  • We want to compile best practices documents and models that can be useful for the community - maybe form a working group?


10-20 min.Brainstorm on Goals listed aboveall
  • What are people hoping to get out of the Service Management group?
    • Hannah likes the targeted interviews idea to help form good questions for a survey - needs to be a well designed survey
    • Getting to know the other people who are facing similar challenges and successes in digital library service management
    • Having a group that you can reach out to and share ideas, bounce ideas off of
    • Afternoons preferable
    • Strong need to connect with people at other institutions with a similar role
    • Community of practice
    • Useful community contacts online and knowing which conferences to go to, where we could be connecting and consulting with the broader community
    • Trying to understand how we as service managers can meaningfully interact with other interest groups
    • Struggling with how service managers contributions can feed back into development in core code base
    • Disconnect with service managers, UX people, and developers - need to push direction a bit more - help devs understand on a deeper level how the tool/service is used
    • Helps to understand how other people how running their service
    • Challenge - helping people understand that once a product launches, it still needs attention, development, and service management/how to integrate ongoing development work
  • Ideas for Hydra Connect
    • Session where people with established services share their methods - what does their model actually look like, what services, how much time does it take, how do they communicate with their groups, etc...
      • Panel discussion (maybe one person from a few different institutions)
      • concrete details about how services work at different institutions
      • hearing people describing their service models would be helpful
    • Other topics could come up based on panel discussions - unconference
      • For example, staffing is a common concern
      • Roles - for example product owner vs. service management
    • Potential Service Management dinner
5-10 min.Next stepsall
  • schedule regular standing calls (Thurs. @ 1pm Pacific Time - monthly - 2nd Thurs. of every month)
    • outlet for connecting with others
    • forum for talking about challenges and concerns or successes
    • taking notes and sharing with community
    • meeting model borrowing from dev ops - featured speaker - put on agenda
      • put a call out for volunteers (we want to encourage more conversation)
      • list off potential issues that people could talk about
      • what are the challenges?
      • what are some successes? (don't have to be related to challenges)
      • Potential volunteers - Sheila, Kieran, Leah and Sonya at least
      • Make sure people are welcome to talk regardless of where you are in the process/implementation
    • would it be useful to identify what other interest groups or activities are underway right now that we should be aware of, contribute to, etc.
  • Report and ask about other groups at Partner Calls
  • working group:
    • create "toolkit" of documents, checklist, etc
    • create "Service Models" documentation

Action items