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Friday, July 24 at 12pm Pacific / 2pm Central / 3pm Eastern

Call line: (530) 881-1400
Access code: 651025#


Volunteer Notetaker

Updates and Recent Activities

Main Topic: Planning a Service Management Workshop for Hydra Connect 2015 in Minneapolis.

We want to know what the Hydra SMIG members want out of this event! Please provide input!

Below are the details and plan at this point. Other than the date and time, nothing is written in stone. Note too that there will be a plenary presentation on service management and the opportunity for one or more break-out sessions at the HydraConnect meeting itself to dive further into service management topics (those proposed below or otherwise).

When: Monday, September 21, 1:30-4:45pm
Audience: New and established managers working in digital library/repository settings
Goal: To continue to demystify service management for project managers. To apply concepts and principles of service management to real world scenarios through group-based activities and discussion.


  • From Project Management to Service Management
    • Making the transition
    • Balancing both projects and services
    • Ensuring room for growth and experimentation
    • Service modeling
  • Planning for capacity: staffing and other resources
  • Service Costing
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Assessment and Cost Benefit


  • Opening Presentation: Topic Introduction and examples from workshop leaders
  • Discussion and hands-on activities working in groups
  • Reporting and Wrap-up

Additional Discussion Topics 

  • For this meeting
  • For next meeting?


1.Convener: Hannah F., Stanford

Notetaker: Carolyn C., Northwestern

Participants: Tony N., Stanford

Linda N.,  Cincinnati

Rick J., Notre Dame

Miranda,  Notre Dame

2.Review of planning for Service Management Workshop and feedback

RACI Matrix resonated, potential exercise

Diagram service model–hard to find one that fits libraries, but the RACI Matrix could help with this.

Service vs Project–support model for a service is helpful, delineating roles for supporting service, tiered levels

Cost modeling to support a service

Marketing just in time question

Partnering with subject specialists (liaisons), public service/access, internal marketing

Metrics and measuring success; assessing services

"Pilot" vs. project

Capacity planning may be a worthy discussion–building in innovation, running the business versus growing the business


Action Items: Linda to bring press kit to Hydra Connect