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Volunteer notetaker - Patricia Hswe

Updates from the group on service management activities?

Decided upon topic - discuss service management workshop planning

  1. Service management workshop at Hydra Connect 
    1. What activities will we do? 
      1. Diagram a service model, tracking activities end to end
      2. Marketing and promotion plan
      3. Staffing / capacity
      4. Cost modeling
      5. Assessment planning
      6. Mode of communicating above - how do you present this visually? in executive summary?
    2. What could attendees bring / think about before workshop?
      1. Activities they're engaged in, or wish to be engaged in? I.e., activities that the service manager would be / is involved in?
      2. Would be useful to identify what these activities are? (And seeing how they compare to those of a project manager? Probably some overlap.)
        1. Training staff as part of outreach to users
        2. User documentation
        3. Being coordinator of updating of the service (including testing)
  2. Overlaps between service management and project management
    1. There are folks actively running the service
    2. When someone who is both service manager and project manager - service manager can make decision not to do something on current service because of new project
      1. Responding to user needs - service manager is reactively responding, PM is being proactive about user needs so when service is in production, there's better fit.
      2. Having librarian as PM, instead of a "technical" lead - bit different. When original service was built, PM was in library IT. For current project, IR manager is running it.
  3. Also part of service management - making shift to language of a service in ways other librarians (and rest of campus) understand (i.e., frame it on same level as other services in a library - as for instruction, collection development, etc.)

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