Committers Call 2012-04-23


  • moderator: Michael Klein (Stanford)
  • notetaker: Mike Stroming (Northwestern)
  • Dan Brubaker Horst (Notre Dame)
  • Adam Wead (Rock Hall)
  • Justin Coyne (MediaShelf)
  • Jessie Keck (Stanford)
  • Ben Armintor (Columbia)
  • Matt Zumwalt (MediaShelf)
  • Rick Johnson (Notre Dame)
  • Naomi Dushay (Stanford)

Agenda and Notes

  1. Call for agenda items
    1. "Hyhead spec - 2 failures" email
      1. Person encountering failure, 3.2.2 version of hydra-head.  Should we fix it in that version or next release candidate (4.0.0) (Justin)?
      2. Michael and Jessie: Fixing it in 4.0.0 sounds fine.
      3. Justin:  Dose anyone want to fix it in older version?
      4. Jessie:  If institution wants to fix in that version, we can do another release of that version
      5. Justin will reply to person
  2. Next call:
    • next week (4/30/12)
    • moderator:  Jessie Keck
    • notetaker:  Michael Klein / Matt Zumwalt
  3. Hydra-Head 4 release (Justin)
    1. Justin:  Any objections to releasing?
    2. Michael: Get dependencies off of RC
    3. Justin:  Sounds good
  4. Hydra should adopt the search_field select box (e.g. All Fields, Title, Author...) that Blacklight uses or put the :qf up into the default_document_solr_params (not in the add_search_field blocks*).  (Justin)
    1. Justin: We should add the drop-down back in code
    2. Jessie: Can't see a reason we shouldn't add it back in
    3. Justin: Could put qf in default document solr params
    4. Consensus on first option
  5. HYDRA-757
    1. Supporting mixin assertions in addition to model assertions
    2. Michael:  This would be great
    3. Justin: Sounds good for version 5
    4. Matt:  Here's what people at LibDevConX said we should move towards:
    6. Naomi: Would like the model code to be consistent
    7. Matt: We can remove some (video, audio, image)
    8. Naomi: Refactor generic image and generic content
    9. Naomi will update documentation on wiki
  1. Very near term work
    • nothing to report
  2. JIRA:
    1. Unassigned Version tickets no more – let's assign versions to 5 of them this call:
    2. Jira Weekly Round up from Sprint for Apr 23 (today):