IR Solution Bundle Requirements Breakout


  • Not necessarily to replace DSpace but to provide a solution usable for institutions without a development team (but expected to have devOps staff)
  • A turnkey distributable solution bundle that is
    • Easy to deploy
    • Apply patches
    • Upgrade
    • Add/Remove use of different modules for specific features or content types

Are we building IR functionality or general digital repository functionality?

  • More like general digital repository going beyond open access use cases but also support IR

Plugin architecture and content types

  • Have Plugin integrator like JIRA where you can add and remove plugins on demand
  • Plugins could be something like ETD, Video, Data, Books, Manuscripts, Image Galleries
  • Mix and match format types within content specific containers such as ETD, Digital Collection, Highlighted Work, Research Project, etc.
  • ETD most wildly popular for UVa
  • Avalon candidate for gemification for video.  For research need video segmentation, annotation that is not in avalon yet but likely to be added in future
  • Images a hole for U of Hull and they may be able to help do work on adding extracting image mgmt functionality


Basic Roles

  • Administrative access
  • Reviewer access
  • User access


  • Versioning of documents may be different for types like redacted versions of theses, and possibly have more than one exposed for something


  • Can be an object managed independently or have more than one instance
  • Support external published source of thesis
  • License agreements tied to formats or containers wrap up licensing

 Batch Tool Support

  • Add SWORD support
  • SWORD upload a non-trivial problem
  • look at SWORD integration with Fedora or Hydra?  UNC uses sword heavily, or some similar upload client

Reporting and Audit

  • Audit trails
  • Capture Preservation Events
  • Emulate DSpace reporting


  • For turnkey, need to have baseline functionality for branding
  • Through UI or include instructions on how to change files used in CSS and plugin different files
  • Have more than one theme in future, but only one at first

Early Adopters of turnkey solution?

  • Indiana as DSpace like early adopter
  • Virginia Tech
  • Ohio State?
  • Case Western Reserve in collaboration with U of Cincinatti?


  • Notre Dame
  • UVa
  • IU?
  • DCE (extraction only?)
  • Stanford? (extraction only?)


  • June 2013: 
    • Settling on core list of features (include DSpace solution support:
    • Perform deeper audit of code for extraction/gemification to cover requirements
    • Intial draft high level architecture of solution bundle (with option to add more gems later)
    • Need to create gem backlog list of wanted gems assign to different institutions
    • Move gem description and progress table to github
  • Late June 2013: Early assignments of modules needed, ND start coding
  • Survey previous plugin designers for lessons learned and best practices in designing a plugin style architecture
  • UVa start coding Aug?
  • IU no clear definition of resources yet, but could be good source of use cases and requirements
  • Sep 2013: Code Extraction/Gemification/Shredding Fest at Penn State