Sept Hydra Partners Agenda

Two tracks for Partners Meeting

  • Strategic 2.5 days(Sept 16-18)
    • Agenda planning and announcements for the strategic track will take place during Partners call. June 14th Hydra Partner's call will have this planning as a primary topic
    • Looking to get community buy in for getting an idea around structure for the annual meeting plan. In Sept. we will look into have a sketch at what will be presented in December.
    • Strategic planning will be done at the September partners meeting, 
    • Sept 2.5 days will be spent on a subset of topics from strategy document
    • Planning and topics for the December meeting
  • Developer full week (Sept 16-20)
    • feature extraction around institutional repository features
    • Interested institutions around developing features and extracting: Penn State, Stanford, Yale, Notre Dame, UVA, IU?, BPL?, Hull?, 
    • need some planning about what are the features that will be extracted
      • Bess, Mark B., Dan or Mike, and Rick will help identify the features that will be worked on and prioritized from that list of potential extraction of features and training opportunities for the developer meeting 
      • need to create an ordered hit list of things to extract
      • thoughts around getting a fewer number of features working and more formalization on how to do this process of extracting functionality out of a gem and then integrating it back into the project it was extracted from
    • Some other ideas around structure for the week long developer track to help some training as well:
      • would be beneficial to have someone to act as a product manager of sorts for the extraction process and how some of this should be done, and ranked (someone to make decisions)
      • perhaps start of with a big problem for the group to work on together
      • do a day of pair programming and some mentoring for day one