Copyright Notice Options

List of potential options to-date:

  • None
  • Copyright [name of copyright owner] - i.e. use the boilerplate license with no edits
  • Copyright Project Hydra
  • Copyright Hydra Partners
  • Copyright Hydra Developers 
  • Copyright (original developer or institution name)
  • Original Copyright (original developer)
    Additions and Enhancements Copyright (same options for Hydra - Project / Partners / Developers)
  • All of the above


Also, while git tracks individual contributions, we many want to require that new Pull request include an appropriate update to the CONTRIBUTORS file.  This could be part of the review, merge, and release approval process.



  1. Use the apache boilerplate
  2. Use inital year
  3. Use the initial institutions
  4. Append any additional institutions/contributors as desired
  5. "Additional copyright may be held by others, as reflected in the commit log"
  6. Add to main README file "This software brought to you by the Hydra Project"