Hydra Time-Based Media Working Session 2013-06-06

What parts of Hydra Media functionality could be abstracted / extracted / gemified / etc. in such a was as to make them easier to use across heads / implementations / institutions?

ANSWER: see below, but build a viewer abstraction first...


  • Honor access rights
  • Delivery/Streaming
  • Viewer abstraction **** (do this first)
    • give options for playback
    • make synced transcripts easy to provide
    • pluggability
    • Real-time (delivery) transcoding negotiation * has server and infrastructure implications
  • Gallery view
  • Segmented discovery
    • Transcript (time encoded)
    • Navigate composite works (opera) by segments (act/scene)
  • Embeddable player for external sites (with auth wrapping)
  • User selected clips
    • User selects start and end times within asset
    • for playback / embedding in same and external sites
    • for requesting uncompressed clips of original datastream
  • Temporary handles (one-time-links, 30-day links, i.e. link with expiration, lease, reverse embargo)
  • Lease (reverse embargo / expiration) w/graceful behavior (not necessarily just for video)


  • Transcoding / Derivatives / Pre-segmentation
  • Characterization
  • Metadata Curation
  • Rights (license) management
  • Access (managment and visibility) management
  • Index transcripts / translations
  • Lease (reverse embargo / expiration) w/graceful behavior