Samvera Tech Call 2021-08-11

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  • Samvera Community Vocabulary Manager - new Samvera git repo? (Julie Hardesty)
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Moderator: James Griffin (Princeton University Library)

Notetaker: James Griffin (Princeton University Library)


Meeting Process

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    1. Welcome

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    1. call for next moderator and note taker (moderator)
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    2. Samvera help follow-up (moderator)
    3. Pull request review (moderator)
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  • Community Vocabulary Manager (Julie)
    • Julie and Ryan Wick are drafting a functional requirements document
    • Much of this comes from the metadata interest group
      • Most immediate need: set of Hyrax-specific predicates need to be resolvable from real URIs
      • Currently the URIs resolve to an invalid namespace
      • There are three scripts which work directly with these
        • These are going to continue to be hosted by the fake namespace
        • Perhaps approaching the updates for these scripts could be an initial step?
    • PCDM and fcrepo ontologies
      • These are human-readable, but machine-readable should be preferred
    • Contemplating creating a GitHub repository
      • If GitHub Pages is used, leveraging this might be possible
      • Perhaps could be reserved by Heather for the Samvera Community
      • If this is the case, perhaps the repository should be created within the samvera-labs Organization
      • Property proposals
        • Pull requests for individual properties is preferred for this approach
        • Otherwise, coordinating this with multiple properties could make reviewing difficult
        • Merging pull requests should the trigger a rebuilding and republishing of the site
    • Multiple Repositories for Samvera URIs
      • hydra-works (and perhaps others) have hard-coded URIs
        • These must be replaced
    • Should this just be deployed to the samvera GitHub Organization?
      • Perhaps still test this from within the samvera-labs Organization?
    • Spar Ontologies as a reference
    • Julie and Ryan are going to test this with personal GitHub accounts before announcing to the community any updates
    • Standards Compliance
      • Descriptive metadata does not relate to this directly, as many of the properties encode more technical metadata
    • Later discussion: some mechanism for updating local URIs for system predicates
      • Also, use cases for hosting local vocabularies
    • James was exploring, and will investigate whether or not there are any continuous integration and linked-data specific linting strategies from projects affiliated with

Next Scheduled Meeting

  • Moderator: Julie
  • Notetaker: James

Meeting adjourned at 09:30 PDT/12:30 EDT