Samvera Tech Call 2021-02-03

Meeting Logistics:


(meeting notes below)

Moderator: Juliet Hardesty

Notetaker: Anna Headley


Meeting Process


  • Community contribution process: how to improve it, share the responsibility of it, and feel good about it, all in the hopes of avoiding avoiding burnout (Heather Greer Klein) -- the conversation continues
    • See last weeks notes for more context
    • Draft Working Group charter: Hyrax Development Support & Engagement Working Group (working title)
      • attempt to address 4 main issues listed in the draft charter
      • Heather is offering to facilitate, not as a matter of course on working groups, but since she's relatively impartial and it will be a good way for her to familiarize herself more with working groups.
      • This draft is well-received.
      • Can we shorten the timeline?
        • Let's adjust the timeline on a per-deliverable basis; some can definitely happen faster
      • The evaluation / recommendations deliverables will likely examine structure contributors to these issues
      • Group members should probably look at the white paper about hyrax (proposing new formal roles) where some of these issues were highlighted (TODO: add link)
      • May need more info re: how often the group will meet / how much time a participant would be expected to contribute in order to assess ability to participate.
        • The group may be able to organize a lot of the work asynchronously and rely on monthly meetings after ramping up
      • Next steps: Heather will revise timeline, meetings, ask for input from Jeremy and tamsin, and then post to the list ASAP to solicit members.
    • Do we have any updates from the Hyrax maintenance working group that relate to this topic?
      • In an organization phase; there are a lot of outstanding issues
      • Working on testing, setups can be challenging
  • Next time:
  • Help requests