Committers Call 2011-01-31


Garrick Van Buren
John Scofield
Molly Pickral
Bess Sadler
Chris Fitzpatrick
Mark Matienzo
Rick Johnson
Matt Zumwalt


  1. New Cucumber Rake Tasks (John)
  2. Hydrangea fixes (Fitz)
  3. Coordinating Releases and Fixes on all components (Fitz)
  4. Hudson (Eddie)
  5. Hypatia Requirements Update
  6. ActiveFedora Gemfile fix (1.2.9)
  7. Quality Control – hudson, rspec, cucumber


New Cucumber Rake Tasks (John)

rake cucumber:core_only        # Run features NOT tagged with  @local
rake cucumber:local_only       # Run features tagged with  @local
rake cucumber:local_plus_core  # Run all features except those tagged with @overwritten

We will post more on the wiki about how to use these.

Hydrangea Fixes

Facets were not showing up

This was just a change in Blacklight config

Overrides not being loaded properly

Jessie's Fix: using require_dependency

  • works but requires you to turn off class caching
    Middleware fix: John

Coordinating Releases and Fixes on all components

What is the best practice for contributing fixes/changes?
Versioned Releases of Hydrangea

  • git tags
  • version numbers (that can be displayed in UI) – Matt (look at BL master first)

We should document the recommended practice of naming branches, opting in to get your changes reviewed before merging. Matt will work on this.

For on the fly help, use #blacklight irc channel to find people

Rails version should be specifically 2.3.5 – Jessie might have already done this.


Request to share notes on how to set up Hudson for Hydra heads (put on wiki).

Fitz will write this up.

Hypatia Requirements Update

Google Docs:

Making good progress. Doing final editing of Requirements. Aiming to finalize by the end of next week for Steering Group Meeting at UVa. Might start entering Tickets into Hypatia jira over the next week.

ActiveFedora Gemfile fix (1.2.9)

Go ahead and do a release.

Quality Control

Hudson: (requires stanford VPN access)

rcov will give us reports on rspec coverage, but how can we ensure cucumber coverage?

Committers: Don't add any new features that don't have cucumber coverage.
In addition to RSpec for functional tests, you must write cucumber tests for UX-level stuff

  • need step definitions
  • need way to test in-browser behavior (javascript) – garrick

Project Updates

Stanford Argus (staff interface to repository & workflows) coming along

  • all objects & workflow indexed
  • looks pretty good, needs UI refinements
  • work was slower than hoped – a lot of time eaten up fixing Hydrangea (was buggy at beginning of year)

HyGall coming along. Ready to demo at Code4Lib