April 21, 2017


Hydra Partners Call (April 2017)
Friday, April 21, 2017 
11:30 am  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-05:00)  |  1 hr 
Meeting number:  737 192 431 
Meeting password: h9cwrT45

Join from a video conferencing system or application
Dial  738605799@tufts.webex.com
Join by phone
+1-617-627-6767 US Toll
Access code: 737 192 431 

Facilitator:  Nabeela Jaffer
Notetaker:  James Griffin

  1. Welcome to newcomer's (1-2 min.) No roll call, but please add your name to attendees list below.
  2. Facilitator and notetaker for May 12th, 2017 Call and call for future presenters (1-2 min)
    1. Proposal to rotate alphabetically might be in conflict with attempts to have moderator to take more actively editorial role towards agenda
  3. Hydra Virtual Connect  update -  wgcowan
  4. Hydra Partner meeting update
  5. Partner Roles/Decision Making WG update  pbinkley
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2. Facilitator and notetaker for May 12th, 2017 Call

  • pbinkley volunteered to serve as facilitator
  • arouner volunteered to be notetaker

3. Hydra Virtual Connect Update (Cowan)

  • The first Virtual Connect was held Last year after Open Repositories 2016
  • Virtual Connect 2017 is currently being planned
    • This shall use a similar structure
    • Lightning Talks with longer presentations are featured
    • This is likely to be scheduled for after OR2017 (during mid-July)
    • 3 hours in duration (11:00AM - 02:00PM EDT)
    • Community should be expecting solicitation for Lightning Talks
    • Interest Groups or Working Groups are welcome to join
    • Virtual Connect is likely to use Adobe Connect or Zoom
    • More details about this event will be released soon

4. Hydra Partner meeting Update (Green)

Please find the meeting agenda using:  March 2017 Hydra Partner Meeting Agenda

Please find existing Issues on GitHub for Hydra Power Steering using: https://github.com/projecthydra-labs/power-steering/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3A%222017+springPartners%22

  • The two days were a mixture of presentations, talks, and longer discussions
  • Hydra Website Update
    • Pretty well ready to go (the rebranding of Project Hydra aside)
  • Rebranding Update
    • University of Hull submitted 5 names to a branding consultant, as well as a trademark attorney
    • Agora was removed (as it had been used by repository solution in the past)
    • This left the following names:
      • Samvera
      • Tenejo
      • Sufia
      • Hykipo
    • The name Penguin Paradigm was also introduced, and gained some traction
      • However, the trademark lawyer felt strongly that penguins are a minefield (the community shouldn't go near them)
  • Hydra Annual Report
    • This was the first time an annual report was released
    • With Hyku being actively developed, there was a need to be able to sell the product to administrators
    • Estlund took the lead (with lots of help from others) to draft this, and the report is ready to be released
  • (Skips the Road Mapping, integrated into the Partner Role discussion, as this is scheduled to be discussed as a separate agenda item)
  • Project Licensing
    • This was also addressed by Estlund
    • Compelling case to changing the license from CC to another, less contentious license
  • (Virtual Connect was already addressed previously by Cowan)
  • Interest and Working Groups
    • Ben Armintor overviewed the state of Interest and Working Groups within the community
    • It was a brief discussion, and it addressed the active and dormant groups
  • Hydra Training Update
    • Sadler and Bussey discussed how they were progressing with training
    • This often also involved discussions relating to documentation
    • Clarified that the Hydra Advanced Training Camp curricular development is moving along
  • Hydra Finances
    • Ruggaber addressed this
    • $60000 currently lies in the bank (with $10000 is earmarked for dealing with rebranding)
    • There was a proposal to repeat the fundraising drive already successfully undertaken once
    • This was accepted and coordination with DuraSpace is currently underway
    • Ruggaber identified the precise how assets would be distributed in the next year
    • (Further details are outlined in the annual report)
  • Partner Roles and a Community Roadmap
    • Green and Weinraub initiated a Working Group established to look at Partner Roles and the need for a Roadmap
    • It was also noted that parties from U. Alberta successfully attended the meeting virtually and remotely - technology worked well and participation was active.
  • Questions and Comments
    • Woods enquired as to whether or not feedback was received for the new website?
      • Green confirmed that there has been feedback captured
      • Someone at the meeting indicated the absence of any IG's or WG's
      • Also, there is a need to link to the annual report
    • Green also noted that, on Friday afternoon, there was a discussion about the (very symbiotic) relationship between Fedora and Hydra
      • Fleming (who has chaired the Fedora Leadership/Steering Group for the past year) made an impassioned plea for reconciliation of community friction
      • There was a discussion about the limitations in some of the earlier releases of Fedora 4, with general agreement that 4.7 was very usable
      • Woods regretted not being able to attend this meeting, will be making an active attempt to address any concerns
      • Green clarified that there wasn't any friction between these two communities (Fedora and Hydra) at the meeting itself
    • It also discussed that, on Friday afternoon, there was a discussion relating to the Code of Conduct and Hydra Helpers
      • There was an emphasis placed upon there being a need to offer community support during and between meetings 

5. Partner Roles/Decision Making WG Update (Binkley)

  • A Working Group is going to discuss a new model for participation
  • During a call scheduled earlier this week, what they are trying to achieve was clarified
  • Overall, everyone is looking for organization and sustainability of the shared work
  • This has been initiated by starting to construct RACI matrices
    • These shall outline the current decision making process and governance structure of the community
    • The outcome will be to draft these in respect to the development of Hyrax
  • The group shall describe the development roadmap for what is needed during the next year
    • It was clarified that there is no intention to criticize the existing model for governing the community (the organic model)
  • The decision making process uses a scrum backlog for the community
  • The group is also looking to define a list of roles and functions for the RACI matrices
    • Warner indicated that this was a bit too extensive to be all-encompassing
  • Questions/Comments
  • Green noted that in thinking around Partner responsibilities, it was discussed that permanent staff might be needed
    • Community Manager? Technical Manager? (These are not permanent roles being proposed, but merely suggestions which have been voiced)