February 10, 2012


Robin, UVa
Tim, UVa
Chris, Hull
Rick, ND
Steve, Stu, & Mike, NU
Tom, Stanford

Agenda Items

  • MOU & CLA
  • Hydra Partners meeting in March – logistics & agenda
  • LibDevConX
  • OR12 submissions
  • call for emails for institutional updates


  • 1 page addendum to MOU coming from UVa.
    signers: UVa = Karin, MediaShelf = Matt, Stanford = Mike Keller, Hull = Richard Hazeltine or Provost
    designated: MediaShelf = Matt, Stanford = Tom,
    CLA => redline copy from Richard looking for comments. Chris will forward to NU and ND

Hydra Partners Meeting Planning

Robin Ruggaber, UVa
maybe Adam Soroka, depending on
Rick & Dan (Dan whole week, Rick for Hydra)
Mike Stroming (whole week)
Richard (Hydra only)
Possible participation by IU, based on agenda

Hylandora & how it fits into Hydra Framework
other pieces of infrastructure development, and how they fit into the
OR12 planning
Security & Access Control: Hydra + XACML / FESL
--> inquiry to Scott Prater
Reuse of heads by others
Reuse of components w/in heads


Known proposals:

  • Variations Deep Dive – IU & NU
  • DIL & PSDS & VRA – Hydra
  • Hydra @ Hull – integrating a repo into an institutional infra.
  • Libra as a 24x7..
  • APT w/ UVa and DuraSpace
    • maybe a DPN preso, too
  • Argo for administration from Stanford
  • workshop?

Key dates and contacts
2012-02-20 Deadline for papers, workshops & user group sessions
2012-03-31 Deadline for posters and demos
2012-04-06 Workshop/paper submitters notified
2012-05-11 Poster/demo submitters notified
2012-07-09 Conference pre-workshops begin