Hyrax Roadmap - Completed

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Completed Hyrax Work


Analytics Overhaul

Updated Analytics dashboards with more information. Expanded the integration from only supporting Google Analytics to also supporting Matomo

Released in: Q1 2022Lead: Rob Kaufman (Notch8), Margaret Mellinger Oregon Digital Grant Project


Hyrax 3.0.0

Hyrax 3.0.0 is a substantial release featuring a wide variety of UI improvements, metadata updates, and bugfixes as well as significant internal improvements.

Released in: Q1 2021Lead: tamsin johnson (UCSB) and Juliet Hardesty (Indiana)Working Group: Hyrax Maintenance Working Group

Completed - milestone

Collection Extensions

A set of functionality to expand how collections work.  It includes collection types which control what a collection can do, nesting, branding, control of discovery, control of multiple membership, etc.

Released in: Q2 2018, v2.1.0

Lead: Lynette Rayle  (Cornell University)

Working Group: Collection Extensions Working Groups

Implementing remaining UI mockups

Address the backlog of UI mockups in Hyrax and Hyku and backport any Hyku UI features that are valuable in Hyrax (ongoing since late 2017)

Released in:

Lead: Aaron Collier  and justin (Stanford University)

Working Group: N/A

Accessibility modifications and enhancements

Address the backlog of accessibility issues in Hyrax and inform the testing process to include more robust and regular accessibility testing.

Status Summary/Major Activities:

Completion Date: Q3 2018

Working Group: /wiki/spaces/samvera/pages/414744657 (restricted access)

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