Hyrax UI Update Project

The project goal is to provide a plan for making the Hyrax UI more usable and logical to end-users. We hope to accomplish this by working with the Hyrax Product Owner, User Experience Interest Group, and Repository Managers Interest Group to identify, create, group, and prioritize UI related issues in Hyrax and then present these back to the community for comment.

The major outcome of this project will be a prioritized set of issues that, upon resolution, will provide the Hyrax end-user with a better user experience.

At this point, all Hyrax issues (logged before 2019-03-22) have been reviewed and sorted into UI/UX and non-UI/UX piles. Redundant UI/UX issues were closed. The next step: create tickets for extant UI/UX problems that are not yet described.

Contact Steve Van Tuyl (steve.vantuyl @  oregonstate.edu) or Sarah Imholt (sarah.imholt  @ oregonstate.edu) for more information.