November 13, 2015


Dial: +1 (641) 715 3660
Access Code: 651025#


Facilitator: Linda Newman (Cincinnati)
Notetaker: Karen Estlund (Penn State)

Agenda & Notes

  1. Roll Call
    1. Attending
      1. wgcowan - Indiana University
      2. Richard Green - Hull
      3. Eben English - BPL
      4. Simeon Warner - Cornell
      5. kestlund - Penn State
      6. newmanld - Cincinnati
      7. Richard Shrake - Case Western
      8. krenee - Michigan
      9. Carolyn Caizzi - Northwestern
      10. Rick Johnson - Notre Dame
      11. Mark Bussey - DCE
      12. awoods - DuraSpace
      13. Michael Joseph Giarlo - Hydra-in-a-Box / Stanford
      14. Margaret Mellinger - Oregon Digital / Oregon State University
      15. Jon Stroop - Princeton
      16. Tom Cramer - Stanford
    2. Welcome New Folks
    3. Call for Agenda Items

  1. Next call
    1. Date: December 11th
    2. Facilitator:  Mark Bussey
    3. Notetaker:  krenee
  2. Hydra-in-a-Box project 
    1. Design phase
      1. Gathering requirements
        1. Survey
        2. Interviews; reportedly have gone well; diversity of participants rather than quantity of participants
      2. Published website:
        1. FAQ and wiki, Hydra-in-a-Box
        2. Ideas - Github repository to submit issues,
    2. Technical Exploration and Prototyping starting in Jan. '16
    3. Group contact:
  3. Discuss items on Power Steering identified for discussion during Hydra Connect 2015
    Karen: Items identified at Hydra Connect that should be discussed by Hydra Partners, list is pasted below:
    1. (see / (see also, "Partner Calls"; not all items need be discussed this call; facilitator should determine based on time
    2. Develop framing around turn-key - What is needed?
      1. Extensive work with Hydra-in-a Box
      2. Avalon will have a team meeting coming up that also may inform this
      3. Defer back to 3 month time-boxed / if broadened incorporate Marketing IG  
      4. Need better outcomes from this (see updated ticket:
        1. Need better explanations for people who are trying to decide what Hydra-head to use and how easily deployable
        2. Example: I have images and PDFs, what Hydra solution do I chose, what are the features, how easy is it for me to deploy?
        3. Use the feature matrix
    3. Ally Skills Workshop at HydraConnect - Did not run due to low sign-ups; what next for Hydra allyship?
      1. Is part of the problem running against technical workshops that won't be offered at different times?
      2. Create a formal interest group to keep momentum and values and ideas continue to ground our community
    4. Organize developers congress
      1. Feb. 3-5, 2016 at UCSD
      2. Michigan in May TBD? - Kayla will check-in with team
    5. Hydra Camp with Pair programming / Intermediate Hydra Camp
      1. Send out a survey to see who is interested and where
      2. If under 20, could be hosted at DCE in Minneapolis 
      3. Longer term, it would be great to have long-term pair programming relationships
    6. Teach more workshops - what is needed? - deferred, please fill in some info. offline
    7. Best practices working group - interest? - deferred, please fill in some info. offline

  4. Standing Community to-do's
    1. Reports back from meetings (if any)
      1. Blacklight at Princeton, Nov. 2015, Beta Blacklight 6 released; see notes in hydra-tech
        1. How does Blacklight interact with Hydra-tech? What is the relationship?
      2. DLF
        1. Great Hydra-in-a Box Session
        2. Dive into Hydra Session - Thanks to Jack Reed and Jon Stroop for their help!
      3. iPres, a lot of interest in PCDM

    2. Next Partner and dev-centric meetings
      1. Hydra Connect 2016
        1. Boston! Hosted by BPL, Northeastern, DPLA, and WGBH
        2. Currently working on hotels and capacity

  5. Regional meetings
    1. Code4Lib NE
    2. Fedora Midwest Users Group - Oct 22+23 at Art Institute of Chicago
    3. Code4Lib Chicago Nov.23

  6. Training
    1. Fedora 4 camp upcoming at Duke - max attendance and waitlist
    2. Consolidating meetings / integrate Fedora and Hydra training and tools
      1. Good topic for code4lib and/or LDCX

  7. Support Fedora support Hydra!

  8. Reports from Interest & Working Groups (Please post a 1-2 sentence note of your update before the meeting just in case someone can't make the call):
    1. Samvera Archivists Interest Group - From Ben Goldman: We are taking stock of where we stand (I recently sought feedback on hydra archives via a form) and figuring out where to turn our attentions in the coming year. 

    2. Samvera DevOps Interest GroupMany institutions have expressed interest in a DevOps Interest Group.  Glen Horton (University of Cincinnati) and Erin Fahy (Stanford) will facilitate the first meeting of this group on Thursday, Nov. 19 at 2pm EST.  All are welcome to attend and more details will be sent to the hydra-community list before the 19th.

    3. Samvera Digital Preservation Interest Group
      1. Follow – up on the topics from the latest Hydra Connect DPIG breakout meeting
        1. Chris Awre is working on Work Group proposals for the topics listed in item 3 in the latest meeting minutes from DPIG conference call
      2. Great work from Elizabeth Roke from Emory University concerning PCDM + PREMIS was presented at the latest conference call

        1. See item 4c in latest meeting minutes from DPIG conference call

      3. Next conference call December 10, 2015. See proposal for agenda

    4. Samvera User Experience Interest Group
      The UX Interest Group re-formed itself in October with a change in coordination personnel and meeting time.  The wiki page lists information on both changes.  The UX IG is also experimenting with Slack alongside other Hydra use of this.

    5. Hydra Web Presence Working Group
      Consulting with UX group

    6. Hydra Service Management Interest Group: No update.  Doodle poll for a new time was made, but call at new time has not been scheduled yet.

    7. Hydra Page Turner Interest Group

    8. Samvera Metadata Interest Group
      1. Applied Linked Data Working Group continued discussions on making Solr Atomic Updates work and some talk on a Metadata Enrichment Interface since autocompletes often lack enough context. Applied Linked Data Call 2015-11-12
      2. MODS and RDF continued its mapping of elements to RDF with Type of Resource and Genre and started some code to begin experimenting with the mappings we have been coming up with. MODS and RDF Call 2015-11-02

    9. Samvera Time-based Media Interest Group 
      1. Transitioning leadership and trying to rebuild consensus on group's priorities, planning a face-to-face meeting at Association of Moving Image Archivists conference this week. Latest notes.
      2. Hoping to articulate some initial, AV-specific technical metadata models for submission to the Technical Metadata Subgroup.

    10. Samvera Metrics Interest Group - No meeting since HydraConnect; next step is to use the feedback from the HydraConnect meeting and form a small working groups to design and administer a survey of environments and attitudes re: metrics and assessment across the Hydra community.

    11. Fedora 3 to 4 Migration Interest Group.  No updates.  The group has not yet met.

    12. Samvera Geospatial Interest Group.  The Hydra Geospatial Interest Group has 2 primary points of progress: The first is an upcoming event in January called Geo4LibCamp, and the second is reference implementation progress toward a PCDM model for geospatial content.

    13. Samvera GIS Data Modeling Working Group
      1. The group has created an initial draft of a pcdm model for georeferenced maps. The hope is that the model is general enough to use with other geospatial objects such as shapefiles and raster datasets. During the second week of November, members held a code sprint to build a CurationConcerns-based gem called geo_concerns. Work on the project in ongoing, and there will hopefully be a second sprint in early 2016.

    14. Sufia Documentation for Managers Working Group (SDMWG - "sdimwig")
      1. Group has identified service managers and administrators as two levels of "management" that Sufia should have documentation for
      2. Group is currently working on answers to anticipated frequently asked questions for both audiences
      3. Sufia Documentation for Managers Working Group (SDMWG - "sdimwig")

    15. Sufia UI Working Group - Aligning user personas for common ground to use as a lens for reviewing and editing current PCDM wireframes. Discussing expectations of the group, working together, communication channels, and goals.

    16. Hydra Triple Store Interest Group - An initial email gauging the interest of the community was sent out.  There are currently 9 individuals who added their names as interested participants in the group.  At our first meeting, we plan to discuss each person's interest in general and identify specific topics we would like to discuss.  There is currently a doodle survey sent to hydra-tech to determine the time of the first meeting which is expected to be held during the second week of December.

  9. Prospective Partner Intel Sharing
    1. (details not included in notes)

  10. Any other old or new business