Committers Call 2011-02-07


Edwin Shin
Matt Zumwalt
Molly Pickral
Simon Lamb
Garrick Van Buren


  1. New Cucumber Rake Tasks
  2. Hudson
  3. Git commit messages
  4. Project updates


New Cucumber Rake Tasks

Default to core+local
Document in source tree

Bess was working on getting Hydrangea.

Git commit messages

Commit messages should follow the guidelines described in detail at

In summary:

  • First line: JIRA issue ID in all caps (if applicable), followed by a brief description (~ 50 characters)
  • Second line: blank
  • Following lines: more detailed description, line-wrapped at 72 characters. May contain multiple paragraphs, separated by blank lines. Link to the JIRA issue, if applicable.

Use the present tense when writing messages, i.e. "Fix bug, apply patch", not "Fixed bug, applied patch."

Sample commit messages

  • linked to a JIRA issue:
    FCREPO-780: NPE thrown on disseminations
    Fix for the following bug: Fedora throws a null pointer exception if
    you call a disseminator that fronts a web service whose response does
    not contain a "Content-type" header.
  • Minor Commits accumulating against a single ticket/story:
    FCREPO-780: Fixed a typo in model spec.
    FCREPO-780: Adjusted padding for inputs
    etc. etc.

Project Updates

  • Hull