Samvera Marketing WG agenda, December 16th 2020



  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting

    1. Outreach logic model – update circulated by Heather earlier this week

Heather tried to make it larger – and less cramped, more legible.  If it looks good to everyone, in Jan we can discuss a tactical list on how to accomplish tasks and measure success for goals.  Everyone thinks it looks great!  Alicia was wondering if there was something to do to make the lines easer to see – perhaps move the boxes or something.  The lines coming in and out of boxes are trying to be continuous. A key for what the lines means might be good – a little explanation of what they are….

Main components are blocks and clear how they derive from each other.

Very colorful!

b. Engaging Partners in highlighting repository items to showcase (was Google Maps treasure hunt)

Nabella noted we should target repository managers with this.

General purpose of why the repository is there….and move to top.

Are we open to people offering more than 1 answer? 1 survey for each? Prefer to have 1 survey per person/institution

Add ability to offer a second if possible on the same form

Missing institution information

When will it be sent and where? Send both before xmas and after….follow up after?  Highlight in newsletter after holidays.

Display as a map with pins.  If we can design our own pins would be nice if it was a Samvera tree. 

Story maps js was be investigated

Targeting repository managers.  Meeting in Jan – could be sent out to Slack.  Send to community list and post in community manager slack – Charlotte to do.  to go out this week.

c. Samvera Christmas card

Heather circulated card, not text, to steering.  Want to get sign off today.  Various editing comments…..from group.

2. Feedback from Connect

On hold for after New Year.  28 responses about Connect.

3. Planning for 2021

a. Reaching out to different audiences

b. User profiles / case studies

c. Other?

Any other set of audiences we might want to give attention to, to raise Samvera profile?

Heather has been considering how to hear from Avalon users and other Samvera product users that we never hear from.  How to engage into the community.  Make sure they feel welcome and have a space – even if using a service provider to maintain Samvera product.  Some service providers have clients that want the work known and others that want to keep it private.  Figure out how to engage if want to be engaged. Heather thought about a wiki page overview not targeted to developers.  Something the vendors can share with clients.  

A challenge still in libraries – how to format metadata for repository.  But now need cataloguing capability.  Selling Samvera to technical services groups.  Heather will bring to WG. 

Institutional home for Samvera – marketing group should keep community informed of those efforts? And discussions?  Heather thinking about how to be transparent for that effort on behalf of steering.  Looking for fiscal sponsorships……