2018-09-11 SIGAHR Meeting notes




Discussion items

Hyrax WG report out
  • Mid-Sprint - Acccessibility tickets
  • Some are blacklight issues - may open up blacklight tickets for those - may dedicate WG resources to that (WG resources are well targeted at all of Hyrax dependecy tree) - team immersed in Hyrax codebase - not bounce back and forth between stacks -
  • Wraps on Friday of this week. This group can consider next steps for accessibility are
  • Struggling with Hyrax build - exploring Circle CI for better continuous integration Tech.
    • Struggling to see builds done on time - builds are taking too long - can pay for more concurrency with Circle CI.
    • Maybe use Circle's container tech. Possibility of total build time could be reduced.
    • Rough price range - $250 - 750/ mo. to scale
    • best way to structure that?
  • RobK suggested GitLabs CI setup. Free for 2000 minutes per month - Shift over to GitLab - put CI on user servers
  • Mike - drawbacks to building an app -


Partners presentation

Main conference



 Partners Meeting - Current status of Hyrax roadmap and how WG is doing

WG discussion - what they've done and how that's gone, and what we think it looks like moving forward - focus, etc...

Main Conference - SVT Lightning talk on Hyrax survey - talk on Plenary day

two SIGAHR breakouts -

SIGAHR but open - how roadmap is going, what it looks like to re-roadmap, progress/ lost items/ mapping what's next and in the future

Hyrax WG meeting - Open - but WG talking about Valkyrization of Hyrax to have a sense for how WG can get together and get that work done soonish

Versions of presentations going by this group - breakout sessions: space and time, try not to conflict with other presentations or meetings (maybe early evening?) SIGAHR in the middle of the week to wrangle people and follow up while still there. When should Valkyrie discussion happen? - ideally early (says Tom). A lot of time for it - 1/2 day? alongside workshops? 90 minutes at lunch? Brian will verify. Work to get WG together - loose cabal of others (folks from Princeton and other Vaklyrie folk, institutions moving to Valkyrized Hyrax direction) - directed invitations to people we know work in this space

Roadmap PageAll (Lynette Rayle )

Hyrax Roadmap

Lynette - intention that we review this doc each meeting that we review in this meeting and open to public so people know where were' at - where they can plug in and where they can contact to get in touch with us.

How accurate is the board now? - what format changes do we need to make? - Can we remove "under construction" and submit to broader community? - SVT may add some preamble text from document -

David: Start meeting with a review of the Roadmap each time - this is how we'll start each meeting going forward.

Introduce people to the roadmap at COnnect - give ourselves until next meeting to asynchronously before Connect

Next two weeks - clean this up.

Bulk Update

Oregon Digital group also figuring out whether they can take on this work -

By Connect - can touch base with folks about the bulk work

WGBH/ AVP working with Avalon - getting something quick - timeline is shorter than WG's final product. Starting work in 2-4 weeks. Extracting something that works for use cases from DONUT/ Hyku. Any presentation on that at Connect.

Rob at Notch8 - about to release an OAI based bulk ingest - with a rudimentary UI. Rob can take part in those conversations. - Based on special use case -

Tom - different importers every time - so DCE has built out a framework they use

Valkyrization Update

The folks working on Oregon Digital - planning to create a Valkyrized Hyrax to bring to connect to start that WG convo. Along with info people in that group will bring. What particular issues that process will run into so meeting at Connect will be about planning and problem solving -

For OD to expose issues/ deltas we'll want to work through as a community.

Hyku status

Hyku interest group coming along pretty well. Univ. of London. UH did an assessment. Folks looking at Hyku and what needs to be done to roll out Hyku.

Rob is picking up technical lead mantle. No structure, no release process. Picking up with open issues - democratic as much as possible. Governance is based on Hyrax. Make sure we're doing things are inclusive.

Houston (Todd) will do a workshop at Connect. After Sam Connect - beta pilot with TDL.

Next meeting during COnnect

Action items

  • Ryan extend meeting to an hour.