Hyrax Interest Group 2020-09-08

Time: 4pm Eastern



enter pass: 175760

Moderator- Rob Kaufman

Notetaker- Juliet Hardesty

Attendees: Julie Hardesty, Tom Johnson, Chris Colvard, Lynette Rayle, Rob Kaufman, Jessica Hilt, Kevin Kochanski, Maria Whitaker

Agenda and Notes:





Tech lead update

Thanks Maria Whitaker for leading QA on Hyrax 3; only seems to be 1 issue at this point but overall looking good

Making Hyrax more cloud-native - Docker images in main Hyrax repo; dev environment based on those images; looking for people who can reuse that; deployment scripts in pull requests that need reviewed; would like to show something for Hyrax in the Cloud at Samvera Connect

Rob - might need broader community call to bring this to Samvera Community attention; Tom - send to Samvera-tech list and also presenting at Samvera Connect

WG sprint happening now - Notch8 contributing extra on QA

Rob - plan for getting testing to work in Dockerized env? Tom - several plans, not sure which is best; Rob has methodology with caveat that Solr can fail but might be local machine issue; Rob and Tom can pair up and figure something out

Maria - couple of test scenarios failed, what is bug? Tom - known issue with Nurax, doesn't display IIIF (UV not working), related to Hyrax 2.9 bug; doesn't effect most installs; Maria will retest and report

Hyrax Working Group

Renewed charter (Brian Keese, Jeremy Friesen, Jessica Hilt, Notch8 folks - didn't catch all the names) - yay! Set through end of year.

Tom - want to continue conversation about keeping this group alive beyond current cycle; FTE commitment - original intent was that folks would be committed 2 weeks at a time, worked for a while, now it seems to be more fragmented; if people are hesitant to commit, might need to reconsider FTE requirements; can't remember other thing but there is likely another thing

Kevin - it is a challenge to get volunteers because there are a lot of asks and it is 2020...

Rob - tie back into unified asks of community? charter lines up with fiscal year; big community ask happened at Connect for next calendar year so these are off from each other; Tom - this is an every 6 month ask so it is on schedule; asking for full year is too much so hoping 6 months at a time is more doable and enough time to get beyond ramping up time

Rob - vision for more sporadic commitment? Tom - don't know yet, we need to figure out something soon if we're going to change anything; make it .5 time commitment and we appreciate time that can be volunteered (as a start); Kevin - change messaging to be more receptive to time people can give

Universal Viewer and PDFs in Hyrax (https://github.com/samvera/hyrax/issues/3149)

Option 1 is PDFs in UV. Option 2 is convert them to images. Option 3 is it's not an issue for Hyrax users. Option 4 is implement a PDF-only viewer. Rob Kaufman is willing to spearhead decision making process. Three institutions commented on the issue. This could be an opportunity for a single-developer institution to participate in the community. Two options for PDFs through IIIF- one requires Cantaloupe, the other requires the PDF to be put into the IIIF service. Are there other solutions? Does this push us towards using RIIIF in production? The RIIIF maintainers would say no, Stanford would say yes. 

Still need to survey community

HIG rep needed for Samvera Community Manager interview meeting time

3 candidates interviewed - feedback and decisions still in process

HIG meeting schedule check-in

From last meeting - jrudder set up the current meeting invite. Can we cancel it? We would keep our current meeting time (4 PM EST, 2nd Tuesday each month). No objections. 

Doesn't look like this got done? Julie R's scheduled meeting is done after today.

Julie will schedule for those on today's meeting with updated Zoom for rest of academic year

Next meeting moderator and notetaker, October 13th

Moderator- tamsin johnson

Notetaker- Rob Kaufman