2018-05-10 SIGAHR Meeting notes


Connection info:




  • General updates on Hyrax release and Hyrax WG ongoing efforts
  • Plan future meetings
    • Identify what standing updates or agenda items would be useful

Discussion items

2minroll call

5min2.1 updateJ Rudder
  • working on release candidate 2
  • Working on bugs right now
  • A week maybe slightly more out from a release -
  • Maybe have a webinar? - Talk thru CE?
    • Demo recording - walk through and answer questions, point to Nurax for a demo

 Hyrax WG updates (dev team)


 People started volunteering resources -

Starting in July? ND, Indiana, Northwestern, not started yet

Charge: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vFlyOS7j-PJw-7QJhj_xaqzEEFkeXRBzqm4HIo21I6c/edit#heading=h.gfe7c7k61gce

10minFuture Meetings

what do we want for a standing update on? A skeletal sort of agenda.

-Hyrax WG update.

-Interest group activity related to Hyrax update

-Road map council update

-Governance Update? Make sure the link to SIGHAR and Governance is strong/communication is happening.

-In progress development (updates)

-Hyrax Product Roadmap Checkin progress

How does this group relate to the roadmap council? Probably PO/Tech lead will be on the roadmap council. There may be a MD seat.

Are we going to be pushing things up? the Roadmap Council is helping to do resource allocation (general Samvera roadmap), so it's not exactly hyrax feature roadmap.

This is a good group to bounce ideas off of.

Metadata WG

Metadata IG - Hyrax desc metadata fields that come out of the box (looking at GenericWork in Nurax) - getting documentation - fields in Nurax - feedback about how that works locally. What changes are people making? Find out what fields may need to be different. Turn feedback into a set of github issues and take to Hyrax team - see if we can add to Roadmap -

Those Notes are Google Docs - institutions talking about what they've been doing. Next two meetings - one in May, and one after OR - want to turn Google doc into something to publish to Samvera Developers Knowledge Base and changes to roadmap, potentially.

Hyrax Metadata Ordering WG still working on it's recommendation - looking at metadata ordering in Valkyrie.

WGBH has a concept for how to deal with contributors. Not dealing with people but roles in order. Reviewing those two things as last bit of solutions out there. Report out there to make a rec. Not sure what rec to make. Prescription or "how to change"? Finishing soon.

Where they're at:


Google doc linked in wiki agenda

Other items?
Getting feedback on feature decisions. IRL. - Reflect on decision to remove "my shares" from the dropdown. Touch in on Slack with SIGAHR. Is the SIGAHR Slack a good sounding board? We are okay with the Slack channel as a way to make good, fast decisions.

Action items