2018-04-12 SIGAHR Meeting notes




Discussion items


Giarlo to Tom transition?
 Partners Meeting impact Steve, Giarlo, Tom Roadmap Council, etc...

Current workSteve
  • Hyrax Issues Task Force: currently addressing, prioritizing and labelling outstanding issues on Hyrax

Dedication of ResourcesCarolyn Caizzi

Carolyn establishing Hyrax WG

  • IU - 1/2 - full FTE Dev
  • Tom J for Tech lead
  • NU - 1 Full FTE (maybe Chris Diaz on QA)
  • Discussing with Notre Dame and UCSD

Working Groups - Batch Edittamsin johnson

Planning Bi-weekly meetings

Hyrax Batch Import-Export WG

A likely early deliverable will be a review of things like WGBH - https://github.com/IUBLibTech/hyrax-ingest

Nurax to Hyrax

Concern over issues in Nurax specific to Nurax versus those that need to be elevated to Hyrax Tickets/ are Hyrax issues

SVT: Post release clean-up process that pulls non-blocking bugs from nurax and places tickets in hyrax repo with labels, etc...

(jrudder said she might be able to help)

Metadata IG

Juliet Hardesty - reported that the Metadata IG will have metadata issues for Hyrax coming in near future

Hyrax Metadata Ordering Working Group - evaluating options and starting a write-up. No rec's yet, but will decide on recs after next meeting (week of 04/ 16)

OAI-PMHAdding OAI-PMH to the short-term roadmap


made some changes to the way the 2.1.0 release tickets are organized, to avoid overloading between the "milestone" and the release "project". My recommendation (based heavily on what seems to be actual current practice) is to use the "project" feature for specific releases. I'd like to put a formal "release manager" in charge of those projects when they open up in the future (thanks Lynette Rayle for being the de facto release manager on 2.1.0 ).

Additionally, I'm hopeful that we can structure the milestones so that every ticket can be sorted into one of them. 2.1.0 tickets belong in the 2.x Series milestone. This way if tickets get dropped from the *project* they are still sorted into the release series and can be treated as upcoming work by default.

Action items