2019-08-13 Meeting notes

Date: 2019-08-13


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Tech Lead Updates:

  • WG, Sprints, Other?
Hyrax-WG is in 2nd week of current week. 3.0 is getting close for an RC, maybe end of the week. Will make an announcement when dates are more clear. Valk-wings work is picking up next week - several members from UC and Lynette R. Sprint for the next two weeks. Not connected to PO replacement decisions. A shift in QA, we have commitment from NOTCH 8. So when work is getting merged we are doing inline QA. Worth talking about the release candidate, once that is out. Not clear if we need two approaches

Repo Managers UX project Received a spreadsheet of all UX/UI issues from Steve. Small subset of repo-managers group to groom that list. General themes, and then bringing back to larger group. Trying to help fill some PO work. Welcome to close tickets. Tom is checking out github and mostly keeping an eye on it. Support from SIGAHR to empower people to close tickets if seems right. 

Roadmap Council UpdateHard to see who has the ultimate responsibility to replace PO. RC is trying to drive it forward. The job laid out by Steve is big (bigger than 20%), maybe bigger than what we'd want someone to do (unless we hired someone). How could we break it down? Are there people who would be willing to do less than current description. Could we put on natural term limits? Not limit terms, but give an easy way to step down. How long is the right amt? Trying to make the position feel more enticing. TL feels 2years on PO/TL staggered rotation. How long would it particularly take? What about funding travel to people? Group agrees the role is important. Roadmap Counsel wrapped up - upcoming features/roadmap. Summary of the results is going out to the community? Summary of takeaway is that roadmap is currently correct.